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Make Sure the “Commerce” Gets into Your Ecommerce Website

Posted by Chelsea Ricketson in Articles


Whether you have recently purchased an eCommerce site through an eCommerce business broker, or you are trying to figure out how to sell an eCommerce site, it’s obviously important that the site is actually fully doing its job. In other words, you have a site, you have traffic through various avenues, but your sales are rock bottom and you don’t know why. Whether it’s for you or for a potential buyer, sales need to increase. Below are listed some ways to see that happen.

  • Does the homepage of your site look like a garbled mess of text and images of different sizes all combined? Are there navigation links in erroneous places and colors to catch the viewer’s attention but it’s like Las Vegas all gone wrong? Do yourself a favor and redo your site to look orderly, professional, functional and elegant. Think of it in Zen terms, make it simple. Customers like simple because it makes them feel at peace and not overwhelmed.
  • Make sure your site has good copy. Give your site its own voice so it doesn’t feel or sound like the millions of other sites out there. If you inject personality into your site, customers will appreciate the approach and will likely return and put the “commerce” into your eCommerce site!
  • The copy must be unique, professional and it must be written with a sales bent. You are trying to sell product, after all, tout the magic and benefits of buying your products, customers don’t mind, they’ve landed on your site because they’re interested in buying.
  • Ask for testimonials from previous customers and list them on their own page so potential customers will not only trust your site, but will also feel confident with their purchase.
  • With credit card fraud and identity theft at an all-time high, the appearance of “trust signals” like the Verisign and MasterCard/Visa symbols should be included prominently on the site if these are cards that you accept. Any professional affiliations should also be boldly presented as a trustworthy sign to customers.
  • People love to save money, so why not offer coupons or discounts? Have customers sign up on an email list so you can offer them future goodies. You’ll have their email, and the possibility of future sales.
  • Create a product blog. This allows past and future customers to leave remarks and comments about the products they’ve purchased.
  • Ours is a video age. Place product videos or fun videos about your store on the site. Customers will linger longer and will (hopefully) gain some affection for your business.

If you are wondering how to sell an eCommerce site or where to buy one, contact, trusted eCommerce business broker today for advice, guidance and any help you might need in this arena.