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Mistakes to Avoid When Selling a Website

Posted by Matt Perkins in Articles


At some point or another, an entrepreneur wants to sell his website business. Selling a website is not something to be taken lightly, especially if the entrepreneur does not seek out the assistance or guidance of an experienced internet business broker. There are many mistakes the entrepreneur needs to avoid including:

  • Hiring a traditional brokerage firm that deals with brick and mortar companies. These brokerage firms are good at what they do, but unfortunately that does not include selling online sites. Traditional brokerage firms do not understand the nuances or techniques in selling a website and are not your best bet for a profitable outcome. Hiring a professional internet business broker as opposed to a traditional broker is the first mistake to avoid.
  • Not using an internet business broker at all and selling the site on their own is another costly mistake entrepreneurs can make. Not being familiar with the process of selling online sites is a huge risk to take while juggling running the business and trying to sell it. It’s always best to hire an internet business broker to focus on the sale process, while the entrepreneur can focus on running the business and keeping it profitable.
  • Don’t set the wrong price on the internet company. If the price is set too high, buyers will avoid it. If the price is set too low, the entrepreneur won’t recoup what is rightfully his. Avoid this by hiring a professional internet business broker to help you determine an appropriate valuation.
  • Letting profits slide because the website is up for sale is another common mistake that can be avoided. Continued high profits and stability looks good in the eyes of buyers and will result in a quicker sale. Always remember that nobody wants to board a sinking ship.
  • Never take a shortcut when it comes to assembling Due Diligence materials. The prospective buyer expects the Due Diligence materials to be accurate, just as he is expected to present correct financials. An experienced internet business broker will make sure all of your Due Diligence materials are in order to ensure a smooth sale process.