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Move over Facebook, Instagram isn’t Your Grandmother’s Social Media Marketing

Posted by Brent Fisher in Articles


With 300 million active users, Instagram is a social media marketing force that should not be ignored. This social media service is the most popular image-sharing network. A study conducted by Forrester Research discovered that Instagram posts create an engagement rate 58 times more powerful than Facebook and an unbelievable 120 times more than Twitter. Visual content can help make or break a brand and that’s why Instagram has become the new darling of Social Media Marketing.

As Instagram gains speed and influence each and every day, more and more marketers plan to harness that energy in 2015. In fact, 45% of marketers plan to focus more on using Instagram in the coming year. Other social networks that involve pictures are gaining ground as well, though not nearly as dramatically as Instagram. Some of these include Tumblr, Snapchat, Vine and Pinterest. Instagram now offers a feature that allows marketers to target the social media’s general demographic, the young and the wealthy. It’s now possible to pay for a 15 second video on Instagram that can be targeted to a certain age, country and gender., experienced brokers for ecommerce business and experts in website selling, suggest to every new and seasoned entrepreneur to throw in their marketing lasso and harness some of the incredible energy that Instagram has to offer in 2015. They recommend integrating your marketing tools with the behavioral data of your website. In this way, the entrepreneur can more easily tailor their ads to specific demographics which in turn make the ads feel less like a commercial and more like a personal message that’s meant just for the consumer.

And of course, the evolution of the picture is the video. Instagram is actively competing with SnapChat, Hyperlapse and Vine to be the most popular video social networking website. They each offer different editing capabilities, video lengths and features, and it’s expected that Instagram will surpass Vine in popularity in 2015. Video gives marketers the opportunity to create compelling stories that reach consumers on an emotional level, leaving them with a positive opinion about the brand.

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