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Need a Website Valuation? Trust an Experienced Online Business Broker

Posted by Matt Perkins in Articles


Business owners who want to put their website business up for sale need to contact small business brokers for a website valuation. Online website valuation calculators exist, but using them isn’t advised because there are many more factors involved in formulating a website valuation other than mere multiples. Not just that but other elements should be factored in such as the amount of time spent programming and designing the site, estimating the value of the domain, appraising the value of the website’s content or blog content, time spent creating back links to various directories, government pages, etc., and determining the number of unique page views that have come in over the past six or twelve months.

Even more than this, a website valuation is still not entirely thorough until a trusted and experienced small business broker digs deep into the business and determines such things as if the company fits into a niche market, market trends, time of year and more. A website valuation should, of course, not be set too low, but it should also not be set too high. Just as when a house is set at too high of a price on the real estate market, the website company could sit and sit without a bite because other (prospective buyers) can clearly sense and feel that it’s just priced way out of its own league.

There are many small business brokers online that stand at the ready to give a website business owner a website valuation. They want to promise the world and put dollar signs and stars in the business owner’s eyes. It’s important to find a small business broker who is straight with you, who will create a website valuation not from puffs of smoke but from actual soil. Although they might be hard to find, a small business broker with a couple of decades of experience will put the seller in a great strategic position. is an online small business broker that offers free website valuations and free consultations. Having been working in the industry since 1998, they have seen the ups and downs of the business and know all of the possibilities that arise during negotiations. You can trust in them because they have put many internet businesses up for sale, and have earned their prestigious reputation in the industry.