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Need an Accurate Website Valuation? Call a Trusted Website Broker

Posted by Andrew Castaldy in Articles

Trust. It counts for a lot, whether it’s in a personal relationship or a business relationship. Trust is an unspoken promise between two people, or a company and a consumer, or two companies. It’s what sets us apart from the animals; it’s a platform for future dealings. So, when you are ready to learn how to sell a company and you want the best in your corner, find a website broker that is reputable and, of course, trusted.

How do you know if a website broker is to be trusted? Well, there’s the first most obvious way to find out, and that is to see if they have client testimonials that rave about their success. What do their clients say about them? Do they know their stuff? Is the end result (read: profit) what they hoped for? Locating a list of client testimonials is the first avenue toward discovering if the website broker is one you can trust.

Another way is by finding out how they go about determining the website valuation for your company. Do they simply want to figure out multiples of cash flow and call it a day? Or do they look beyond that to elements such as past, current, and future operations? Do they review scale opportunities and the subsequent cost of scale? Do they identify if the business can be expanded into other marketplaces (thereby increasing its website valuation), do they review the advertising budget to see if it’s been properly served or underserved?  All of these elements need to be taken into account to create an accurate website valuation.

Finally, does the website broker take money from you upfront, before your site has sold, or do they wait until the site is in the hands of its new owner? If the website broker wants money upfront, there may be a lack of trust. When you hire a website broker that doesn’t charge a commission until they sell your website, then you know you can trust them to follow through completely and successfully.

At they have known how to sell a company online since 1996, and continue to build trusting relationships with their clients. They boast a long list of client testimonials and provide thorough and accurate website valuations. Call 800-251-1559 for a free consultation today.