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Powerful Words that Get You What You Want

Posted by Richard Roberts in Articles

Language is what separates us from (most) animals, and it’s generally the way we use our language that determines how people view us, as well as what we get out of relationships. Whether it’s your relationship with your boss, your children, your spouse, a friend, or even a stranger, using the right words is akin to the light turning green on getting your way. While, it’s not quite as manipulative as it seems, successful people are aware of the power of the following words:

  • “Thanks.” Giving gratitude is one of the most effective means to get what you want. Whether it’s at the beginning of a conversation or at the end, the other person feels respected and appreciated when “thanks” is used sincerely.
  • “If.” This little word can open many doors, and indeed, it’s like offering the other individual choices – “if” we go this route, we can count on this outcome, “if” we go with this route instead, we will see this happen.
  • “We.” Another tiny word that makes you seem less selfish in whatever request you are making. “We” implies that your request is beneficial to both of you.
  • “Open.” Being “open” to an idea in the future, even if you aren’t right now, will keep that bridge intact and the relationship positive.
  • “Together.” implies again, like “we” that whatever request you are offering up will be mutually beneficial, instead of selfish.
  • “You.” Using the word “you” in your request will allow the other individual to see how your request – and their positive reply – will affect them positively.
  • “Because.” It makes sense that if you want something; you need to give a reason. Just stating that you want something won’t get you anywhere, but if you attach a reason – even if it’s not all that compelling – the word “because” will click in the other person’s brain in a positive way.

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