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Pre-Launch Resources for Online Businesses

Posted by Doug Grindstaff in Articles


Starting an online business doesn’t have to be like diving headfirst into murky water. Using the proper tools to facilitate a successful launch can be the difference between failure and profits, so it’s best to research ahead of time to know how to create a buzz with the product or service, and how best to gain exposure to the right demographics, etc. For those in the market for a startup online business, a skilled and knowledgeable ecommerce broker like can help you discover the niche that best suits your passion.

  • Reddit is an online community, which allows members to vote for the stories they believe are the most important. The hotter the story, the higher it will rise and the colder it is, the faster it sinks. Anyone can create a community and comments are posted on every story. Using Reddit as an advertising platform is a big no-no, however. Posting useful and interesting information is a great way to gain exposure for your startup company.
  • is the Bible for online businesses who aren’t sure where they can get press coverage to gain exposure. It might not be a pretty site but it’s chock-full of all of the press release information an entrepreneur needs to submit to relevant media outlets. The site offers a no nonsense list with no ads and no sign up commitments, just valuable information intended to help entrepreneurs promote their companies.
  • Beta List is an excellent place to submit your pre-launch business so that interested people can gain access to it before it goes live. It’s important to submit the company during the pre-launch phase, as those that are previously launched no longer qualify for the Beta List. This platform is a great way to build a list of excited customers who are ready for your company to launch – all for free.
  • Muck Rack is a paid service. It is a service, however, that can be highly beneficial to any online business, especially one that is ready to launch. Muck Rack pairs the most relevant journalists and bloggers with the services or products of a particular website. It’s the perfect way to spread news about a new company. It’s like whispering directly into the ear of the Town Crier.
  • Product Hunt is exactly what it sounds like. It hunts for the best new products on a daily basis. It lists the most recently released mobile apps, websites and software for the Product Hunt community to vote on. It’s easy to discover daily hunts, but only a few select members can submit new products and websites to comment on. It is possible to gain entrance into this little society, it is granted when someone within the community sends out a personal invitation.

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