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Prepare for Your Amazon Account Transition

Posted by Jeff Hanson in Articles

Before listing your business for sale with the help of knowledgeable business brokers. You’ve probably done a significant amount of preparation work on your own.

You probably have multiple products listed inside your Amazon account and should have thorough business documentation and procedures to be able to pass it on to someone else sooner rather than later. The following stuff can assist you in preparation for transitioning your company to the new buyer of your business. Since you might be surprised when working with a business broker that you could sell your business more efficiently than you expected.

An offer might come in before you are fully prepared. Never be interested in listing your business for sale before you have taken the necessary steps to get a business valuation and to document your processes and systems to be able to hand the business over quickly if necessary.

First of all, you might want to consider opening a new Amazon Seller Central account using a different legal business entity. Then you could link the e-mail addresses in each of the new and old seller accounts. This is one way of notifying Amazon there is a connection with these accounts.

Our next step can make things easier for you, as well as the buyer of your new business, is to sell all of the inventory on the former account and then shift new products to the second seller account. Any items that are not selling quickly enough could be handled with an order removal. Take those products and add them into the second account.

Shipping the goods to the new Seller Central account and using the same details as before can eliminate one additional step for your business buyer. This means that all of the star ratings, reviews, and everything else stays the same. Once the new buyer completes his or her responsibilities in purchasing your company, you can provide the log-in information to the more recent Seller Central account.

Many different challenges can emerge when handing over your business. It can take additional days or weeks, depending on whether or not this person has a U.S. business entity created or not. Furthermore, Amazon Seller Support has to be contacted regarding the update of bank account information, tax ID, and more details on the back end of Seller Central.

Getting the support of a business broker can eliminate some of the most common challenges. Experience when attempting to sell your business so that you have the peace of mind that someone has handled all the details while you remain focused on other issues that are more important than you might expect.

The support of a business attorney could be essential to helping you prepare for this process from a legal perspective. Just as you would retain an experienced business broker to help you handle all other aspects of your sale.