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Proven Strategies Make the Best Choice for Your Ecommerce Broker

Posted by Paul Vartanian in Articles


With over two decades of experience, is the nation’s leading Website Business Broker. They have experience selling all technology business types, including web properties, eCommerce websites, software companies, Amazon businesses, eBay businesses, businesses that sell on digital marketplaces, App Development companies, SEO and Advertising Agencies and a host of other Internet companies looking for experts in the world of technology. Why are we experts? Because our founders are Internet entrepreneurs as well – our team has been in your shoes – fought the fight – and understands what it takes to not only successfully operate a web business, but also understands the intricacies of selling them.  As a talented and experienced eCommerce broker, uses proven strategies to obtain the best results for those selling web properties.

Commissions are 100% performance based – there are no deposits, expenses or any other costs or fees of any kind when working with them. That’s a great value proposition for business owners looking to sell their Internet business – they can continue to operate their business, focus on their core competencies, and let us do all the let work to get the business sold at top dollar. Obviously, top dollar is always the focus because the more Sellers make during the process, the more Website Closers makes in the end.

These brokers for internet businesses take pride in their ability to navigate successfully through every deal. Every deal is different, and along the way, many obstacles are presented. It is the job of a successful and capable eCommerce broker that can take the deal from submission, all the way through to underwriter approval, and still obtain great results for the seller.  Many business brokers fail or can never make it through the process – forcing their clients to compromise when they didn’t want to when selling their company – things like taking on a large promissory note with a Buyer, taking less cash at the close table, or worst yet – wasting their time with Buyers that could never make it through the process, much less successfully run an Internet company. Since we run Internet Companies – we know who will be able to perform in that role, post closing.

During every deal there are many facets to consider, including Asset Purchase Agreement versus a Stock Sale, consulting agreements, training agreements, Non-competes that work, accounting allocations, due diligence, financing, various contingencies, assignment of leases, and many others. Successfully maneuvering through all of these deal elements is what makes this website business broker the best in the business.  And the vast majority of our deals our SBA Financed – the funny thing is that most business brokers are terrified of SBA deals. Why? Because they don’t know how to successful traverse the path necessary to quickly and efficiently get deals through Preferred Lenders. We only use Preferred Lenders, and we always follow their rules to the “T” – so we never take months and months to close a deal – we take a matter of weeks. The SBA is not some scary bureaucracy – it’s actually an extremely useful government tool that we understand and maximize. Don’t work with brokers that are clueless when it comes to SBA financing a business deal – work with a company that has forged ahead and closed Millions in deals with SBA approval.

Again, knows the ins and outs of the industry because they have been on both sides, as buyers and sellers, for nearly two decades. They know that both sides of the deal have various needs and issues that need to be addressed by thorough and complete brokers for internet businesses, something in which they take great pride.

Besides managing emotional issues surrounding the deal, managing expectations and keeping both sides on an even keel so the deal can progress smoothly, their main focus is to obtain the maximum sales price for the seller, as well as the maximum amount of cash at the closing table. Their proven success at this makes them one of the best, if not THE best, website business broker in the industry.