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Ready to Start Selling Online? Here are 7 Tips from

Posted by Andy DeJaco in Articles


You’ve got everything in place, the website, the inventory, the will, the drive and the passion, now all you need is that elusive first sale. Sure, it will probably happen if you follow the traditional steps but here are some ways to hasten it along:

  • Sponsor an Event! It’s another way to network and get your company’s name out there. Make sure to give potential customers something for their time like a coupon or some sort of freebie in exchange for social media follows or their email address.
  • Publish a Press Release! Capture your potential audience with a catchy headline and dazzle them with interesting content about your product. A great press release will draw lots of needed attention.
  • Network on Forums without being Spammy! Maintaining professionalism on forums is key to gaining people’s interest in your products or services. Find forums that fall within your category and answer questions while staying within the forum rules of promotion.
  • Get Started on LinkedIn! LinkedIn is a vast professional social media venue that offers the opportunity to connect with lots of contacts (read: potential customers).
  • Design a Company Infographic! These little visuals are growing in popularity and are golden in the social media markets. They can convey your company message in a flash and beautify your mission.
  • Go Ahead and Tweet a Little! Instead of pitching your wares over tweets, answer questions that will help you get the word out without being pushy.
  • Hold a Contest! Who doesn’t love free stuff? Even if it is just online recognition? When you hold a contest or have a giveaway, you’re pulling in attention and excitement surrounding your company. is an online business broker that helps their clients sell a website and offers instruction on how to sell an online business. If you are interested in buying or selling a website business, contact them today for a free business valuation and consultation to get you started!