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Selling a Website in 2015? Trust Only the Most Experienced Brokerage Firm

Posted by Al Sciola in Articles


Selling a website can truly be a daunting task for those who don’t know how to sell a website. What selling price should be attached to the website and how to formulate that value, where to find the right buyers, how to maintain extreme confidentiality, how to help the buyer apply for a small business loan, or at the very least, how to find a bank willing to help with financing, all of these are spokes in an enormous wheel of confusion when it comes to selling a website.

There are thousands upon thousands of web properties and ultimately, each of them will likely be sold at one point or another. Entrepreneurs have made fortunes selling their websites and still many others have lost a fortune on their ill-conceived deals. When it comes to knowing where to sell Amazon business, eCommerce site, software application or any other type of web property, it’s absolutely essential that the seller seek a qualified and proven web brokerage firm.

The very best web brokerage firm to hire would be one that does not require any commission unless they sell the website. These boutique brokerages work harder simply because, just like the entrepreneur, their success is determined by the amount of time, energy and work they put into closing a successful deal. A web brokerage firm with a great deal of experience is also essential. Although the internet as we know it is only a few decades old, there are some fly-by-night brokerage firms that claim to know how to successfully handle selling a website, when in fact, all of their experience is based in brick and mortar transactions, which are entirely different from the internet world.

For those internet business owners who are wondering how to sell a website or where to sell Amazon business, look to the most qualified, most experienced and trusted web brokerage firm that only takes a commission once your site is sold and who can also maintain the highest confidentiality. By going this route, you will ensure a higher profit and sometimes even more importantly, more cash at the closing table.