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Selling a Website? You Need a Qualified, Experienced Website Broker

Posted by Megan Gunsorek in Articles


After a good long run, business owners often ask themselves, “How to sell my website?” The answer lies in finding a qualified, experienced website broker that has a number of years in the industry selling websites. While dozens, if not hundreds, of website brokers exist for this purpose, it is often a difficult task for a business owner to determine who they should hire to sell their website.

There are many characteristics to look for in a website broker to be assured that they are qualified and experienced enough to obtain maximum profits for you. Not sure what those characteristics are? Read on:

  • Glowing client testimonials. One of the best ways to determine if a website broker is truly successful is whether or not they can offer glowing client testimonials. Past success usually equals future success.
  • Superior customer service. Does the website broker go above and beyond when they represent their client? Do they offer a free website valuation and free 24 hour consultation so that the client can have a good, firm foundation and know where to begin the process?
  • Great results. Does the website broker connect the right buyers with their sale side clients to maximize profits and ensure a quick sale? The website broker you choose should have two goals, and those are to offer the business at the maximum sale price, and to obtain the maximum cash at the closing table.
  • Effective deal financing. Without a doubt, deal financing will play a hand in any number of transactions. Does the website broker offer a number of various deal financing options like all cash deals, seller financing, and bank lending?
  • Exit strategy. Does the website broker offer an exit strategy that is suitable for you? Does it fit in with the answer to your question, “How to sell my website?”
  • Vast experience. How long has the website broker been in business? While many website brokers wish to offer the best for their clients, only those that have been working in the industry for decades (yes, decades) can truly fulfill that desire.

Are you a business owner wondering, “How to sell my website?” Are you looking for a qualified, experienced website broker to help you sell your website and get you the maximum profit at the closing table? Call today at 1-800-251-1559 to set up a free consultation and free website valuation. They look forward to hearing from you!