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SEO Can Be Complicated - Learn to Ask the Right Questions

Posted by Sophie Williams in Articles


Your website business is in place and now you’re ready to see the traffic and sales rolling in, but you also know that search engine optimization is an important piece to the puzzle. Before hiring an SEO company (and there are plenty of them!) find out the answer to these questions so that you can weed out the ones that won’t do you any good (and could, in fact, be detrimental to your business).

  • Get referrals – Not every SEO company will be able to reveal their clients due to confidentiality agreements, but when they can, do your own research to see if you spot keyword stuffing and or excessive back links. If you do, go onto the next company.
  • Measuring success – Make sure you and the company are on the same page when it comes to what constitutes page rank success.
  • Link building – There are white hat methodologies and black hat methodologies. Link spamming is black hat and should be avoided.
  • Updates – Regular updates should be a part of the contract. Without them, you won’t know how well (or poorly) your keywords (and your SEO Company) are doing for you. Twice a month or so is the norm.
  • Longevity – Ask how many years the company has been in business and then research that answer to make sure they’re telling the truth.
  • Notified of changes – SEO companies often have control over making changes on a company’s website. Insist that you know of all of the changes made when they happen.
  • All hail Google – Abiding by search engine webmaster guidelines is crucial. An SEO company that doesn’t abide by these guidelines runs the risk of their client’s website tanking in the ranks, or falling off the scale completely.

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