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Should I Choose an M & A Advisor or A Business Broker?

Posted by Justin Harris in Articles

Are you contemplating selling your business and are trying to make a decision between using an M & A advisor or a business broker? The good news is you don’t always have to choose specifically between these types of people. You might be able to find an online business brokerage team who has extensive experience in all types of online sales. This means that you get the best of both worlds from their insight over the duration of your entire sale.

Is There Really a Difference Between These Two Professionals?

Many business advisors or business owners are unaware of some of the differences that you might find between a traditional M & A advisor and a business broker. Here at Website Closers, we rely on our expertise and experience working in this field, helping with numerous different mergers and acquisitions and we understand just how important it is for you to retain the right type of firm for selling any kind of business.

What is the Role of a Business Broker?

Business brokers typically:

  • Don’t have an upfront fee.
  • Have a background in general business or real estate.
  • Work independently, even as part of a large organization.
  • Represent upper mainstream and main street businesses valued at less than $2 million.

However, online business brokers are paving the way for a new way of doing business, and here at Website Closers, we have represented businesses of all different sizes and types. This makes us uniquely positioned to assist you with selling your online company, whether it’s an Amazon FBA business, an SAAS business or other ecommerce site.

Whereas M & A advisors specifically would usually represent businesses valued in excess of $2 million, Website Closers has represented businesses of all different shapes and sizes. You want the best possible representation when entering the process of listing your online business for sale and you deserve to have the insight provided by someone who will give you consistent dedication over the duration of the sale.

You deserve a business broker who understands your unique concerns and will use them to craft a sale that is as powerful and profitable for you as possible. Only a knowledgeable online business broker will know the steps involved in this difficult process and can help you to ensure that you are fully prepared.

No matter what stage of the business selling process you’re in, you need to have clarity about the sales process and what you can do to prepare. Even if you believe it would be difficult to get started today, talking with a business broker does not obligate you to list your business for sale.

Perhaps you’re just gathering information for a future sale or determining the basics behind your business valuation. We can help with that, too. Having a big-picture view of your company before and while you list it for sale gives you the opportunity to determine whether a buyer’s offer is viable and whether now is the right time to put your company’s listing up.