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Am I Eligible to Use A Business Broker to Sell My Site?

Posted by Al Sciola in Articles

If you’re currently evaluating how to retain the services of an experienced website broker or business broker to sell your online company, such as an e-commerce store or an Amazon FBA business, you’ve probably already weighed the pros and cons of doing it yourself versus hiring a business broker.

The truth is that in many major sales it is beneficial to retain the services of a website broker who can assist you will all aspects of preparing your company for sale and the sale directly. However, not everyone is appropriate for working directly with a business broker.

There are trade-offs to using a business broker including the qualified professionals at Website Closers. One such trade-off is that you cannot sell just any old website. Not every website will have sufficient value to make it worth the broker’s time to invest in getting to know your site and preparing it for prospective sale.

Your site must be making enough money that it is valuable enough for you to sell and valuable enough for the website broker to sell to make a profit that is worth their time. This, of course, will depend on the individual broker’s requirements and specifics.

But you certainly should have invested some time in getting to know your own numbers and understanding that you are generating consistent revenue. For some brokers, this could mean that your website is making several thousand dollars per month consistently. Other brokers deal only with high-value websites that are making seven figures on an annual basis.

You need to do research about the business broker that you intend to work with to ensure that you have the right fit. If you just started your e-commerce site and have not built in a lot of time to promote or grow it, then you likely won’t be able to use a broker.

Furthermore, if you have an established business that has been around for some period of time but is not generating enough or consistent revenue in order to appeal to a broker, you likely won’t be able to use one. It could be better for you to sell your site on your own or through a marketplace. You might even be deciding to sell your business because it’s not making enough money yet, but make sure you do your research to figure out whether there are things that you can change. Some indications that you need to rely on a broker for the sale of your business include;

  • If you have grown significantly.
  • If you have a very competitive website or business within a popular niche.
  • If you anticipate that the valuation of your business will be significant and can include six and seven figure numbers.
  • If you wish to have the support of an experienced and knowledgeable business broker who has been working in this line of work for a long period of time and can answer many of your most common questions and concerns.
  • If you need to appeal to a very specific buyer and you do not have anyone currently in your own network who qualifies or would be capable of understanding working in such as business.

The experienced business brokers at Website Closers know how hard it can be to make the decision to sell your company, but once you have elected to do this you need the support of business brokers who know the landscape and who remain committed to doing what is in your best interests.