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Stop Being So Nice and Get Ahead in Business

Posted by Vance Baker in Articles

We’ve all heard the saying, “Nice guys finish last.” And there just might be some truth to it. Being nice is great for friends, family, acquaintances, opening the door for someone as you walk into the bank, but always being nice in the business world can get you left behind, in a place you don’t care to be, stuck with projects you hate, being taken for granted, and passed over for raises simply because you’re too nice and don’t want to ask.

For most nice people, it’s hard to stop being so nice, but when it comes to getting ahead in business, it might just be crucial. Here are some beneficial ways stopping with the niceties can get you:

  • You’ll be bringing home more money in your paycheck. If you believe you should be earning more for what you do, don’t be afraid to ask for more. Being nice and polite and not asking rarely gets anyone more money.
  • You’ll take back control of your life. When you’re too nice, it’s not actually you that’s in control of your day, it’s the people who ask favors from you, infringe on your time, etc. When you start saying “no thank you” your life is in your control again.
  • You’ll actually start accomplishing your goals. Now that you are the priority in your own life, and not everyone else, you can work – and succeed – at setting goals and meeting them.
  • You’ll work on projects that interest you. Saying yes to every project that comes along squeezes out the possibility of saying yes to one that you love. Be picky and choose according to your interests, and see how your professional life improves.
  • Your time will become more important to you, and it will become more important to your clients. If clients know you’re not available after 5pm, and you’re strict about it, they will get to you well before. If they know they can reach you anytime of the day because you’re “nice” and always take their calls, they will push the boundaries and call you at 11pm.

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