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Vance Baker Business Broker

Vance Baker Business Broker
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Beavercreek, Ohio


Vance Baker is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for deals!  Over the course of 20+ years, prior to joining Website Closers, Vance started and operated 8 companies ranging from healthcare to retail to real estate (commercial and residential) and varying entities of LLCs, Limited Partnerships, S-Corporations, and a Non-Profit Organization.  These businesses were mostly brick & mortar with a few internet-based, eCommerce companies to include Shopify assets and an Amazon seller account with brand registry.  Vance started and scaled a Medicare Certified Home Healthcare Agency over 16 years that averaged 55 W-2’ed professional employees for nearly two decades and was recognized as one of the Top 100 HC agencies in the U.S. a few separate years – out of ~15,000 providers.  He currently manages 2 private label brands and a real estate investment firm. 

Vance is truly passionate about what he gets to do everyday and he has brought and represented over $450M in solid offers over the past 12 months alone!  He enjoys meeting fellow entrepreneurs and the upper echelon C-suite executives that he communicates with on a daily basis.

“Over 20+ years of successes and lessons enable me to intimately understand the viewpoint, position, and emotions of a seller that has invested their blood, sweat, and tears into the company they have entrusted me to represent and sell.  Equally important is my ability to understand and best represent a buyer that is hunting a M&A target, whether that be his/her dream business or 1 of 20 acquisitions this year for their growing portfolio of 50 plus brands/companies.  I have first-hand experience with being on each side of a deal and learned long ago that I feel my best when I’m involved in the art of a deal!  I’m no stranger to burnout and know all too well about knowing what needs to be done to scale to the next level but accepting that I’m no longer the “right” person to pull the levers and oversee the operations.”   “I focus on Honesty and Integrity in all that I do and believe that this strong value and ethical background propels me to the top of my field in a profession where those self-proclaimed attributes all too often fall to the wayside.”

Husband of 23 years and father to 3 beautiful daughters:  Vance appreciates time spent with family.  He enjoys the outdoors, being near water and is an avid fisherman.  “I enjoy the peaceful stillness of early mornings and reading a good non-fiction book when I make the time.”

“Always thankful and appreciative for all my blessings but never content.”  ~ Vance Baker

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