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Tired of Hating Work? Tips on How to Be Happier During the 9-5

Posted by Alex Mylonas in Articles


The commute, the long hours, feeling underappreciated and underpaid, all take their toll on the average American employee. You’re at your workplace for over 40 hours a week, which is a huge hunk of time, so why not take the steps to turn your attitude around?

First, Why Are People So Unhappy at Their Job?

The main reasons why people tend to be unhappy with their job is because they feel a lack of opportunity in moving forward and advancing their status and career, they also feel that the employer bogs them down with inflexible, long working hours that they cannot escape, and they feel that they are grossly underpaid. Commute time, on average, is 60-90 minutes in the United States, which lends to anxiety, depression, and feeling unfulfilled.

So, How Can you Choose to Be Happier at Work?

1)      Ask for a raise! If you truly deserve a raise, figure out before asking for one, what your worth is in the industry, and what you have accomplished for the company over the past six months.

2)      Increase productivity! Feeling overwhelmed is a big reason why people feel unhappy in their job. Figure out how you can cut down on the amount of time it takes to do certain tasks, so you have more breathing room.

3)      Figure out precise workplace expectations. Do you have a written list of your job role responsibilities? If not, ask for one. You might find you are doing more than what your job requires (if this is so, that will lend nicely toward your pitch for a pay raise), and it will also give you a great starting point to talk with your boss about how you can move forward within the company.

4)      Use your commute time wisely. An hour to an hour and a half is a long time. Don’t waste it! Use the ride in to work to gather your thoughts about the upcoming day, and manage your priorities. If there’s extra time, use it to connect with family and friends. On the way back, unwind from work, and reflect on good things that happened over the course of the day.

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