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Trust an Experienced Website Broker for Confidentiality when Selling an Online Business

Posted by John Fairchild in Articles


The process of selling an online business can be a tricky one. There are many factors to consider, and those factors can seem overwhelming and daunting to someone who isn’t used to dealing in the arena. But to an experienced website broker, it is exactly what they deal with and handle every single day, which means you won’t have to worry about the process at all, when you have a knowledgeable website broker to guide you.

One of the most important aspects to selling an online business is maintaining confidentiality. If word leaks out that an ecommerce business valuation has been requested, or that there is even a hint of a sale, it can spook employees, vendors, pretty much everyone involved with the online business. Employees, especially, will wonder if their job is at risk, if they will be replaced, if they will be demoted, if they will take a salary cut, etc. The fear and confusion that comes with an online business sale is enough to actually drive current profits down because of the eventual preoccupation the employees might have in the stability of their own jobs.

An experienced and knowledgeable website broker will see to it that confidentiality is well-maintained. By routing all calls and emails to the brokerage firm, and none at all going to the actual online business, it’s unlikely that employees will catch wind of the future sale. By having an intermediary – the website broker – step in and take over the transaction, it not only means that employees and vendors won’t know about the sale, it also means that the online business owner will be able to handle current business affairs, and not the sale itself. has been a website broker since 1998, guiding buyers and sellers through the process of buying and selling an online business. They know how to maintain confidentiality and have successfully sold upwards of $300,000,000 in website businesses. They provide free consultations and ecommerce business valuations, and never take a commission until their client’s site has sold.