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Want Success & Happiness? Work These 5 Daily Habits into Your Life

Posted by Jim Matheson in Articles


Want to know one of the most powerful forces in your life? Your habits. Whether they are good or bad habits, they are borne of deep-seated beliefs and repetitive behavior and they shape who we are today. It’s been estimated that nearly half of everything we do every day is out of habit. Changing bad habits into good is as hard as it seems, it’s basically rewiring the brain to adjust to a “new” habit.

There are many habits that we can adopt that will shape our lives for the better. Following certain habits can lead to more financial security, and even an increase in overall health and quality of life. Consider incorporating some (or all) of the following habits into your life:

1)      Practice gratitude. People take many things for granted. It’s stopping to be grateful for those things that propels us toward a deeper life meaning, and being happier with who we are, our family and friends, and the world around us.

2)      Eat healthy at breakfast time. Think about what “breakfast” really means – you’re breaking the fast, so eating healthy at breakfast not only gives you energy, it’s also crucial to your productiveness throughout the day.

3)      Practice good time management. Have you ever been lazy and whiled away the day watching television and thought – wow, so much time has passed! It’s okay to veg out every now and again, but for the most part, effective time management means wringing the most out of everyday for both financial and mental health.

4)      Save your money, and invest. Most Americans have less than a grand in their bank account. Most emergencies will cost much more than that – start saving today, and every day, even if it’s small because before long you’ll realize you’ve amassed a good nest egg.

5)      Volunteer and contribute. It sounds strange if you don’t have the money to do it, but if you volunteer your time and contribute toward your favorite cause, you’ll feel better because you realize that it’s not all about the money, it’s about helping others, which is invaluable.

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