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Want to Be Uber Successful? Follow these Tips and Tricks

Posted by Matt Perkins in Articles

There are successful people, and then there are really successful people. The difference between the two might not matter much to you, you think – hey, as long as I’m successful I’ve reached my goal. However, to the competitive lot, settling for “successful” might just be too much like settling for second best. Curious about how uber successful folks do it? Read on.

  • Write everything down! Really successful people carry notebooks with them wherever they go, because, after all, you never know when that million dollar invention might pop up above your head like a light bulb.
  • Delegate everything you can. Instead of getting everything done yourself, delegate it to other people. This way, you focus on what’s important for you, and everything else still gets done.
  • Practice a morning ritual that starts the day off right. Get up at the same time every day, and fill the morning minutes with a good nutritious breakfast, some exercise, meditation, and hydration.
  • Energize yourself by not scrimping on the important things like eating and sleep.
  • Reduce stress by dealing with issues immediately. If it can be done in five to ten minutes, get it done, and get it off your plate.
  • Know which activities will yield the highest results. Don’t stray from those activities, to maximize a positive outcome.
  • Learn how to say no. There is only so much time in a day. Unless a request has got you thoroughly stoked, don’t say yes to it.
  • Stop checking your phone so much. Yes, you hear it ding, or you feel it buzz, but do you really need to check it every three minutes? No. Schedule a time to check it and stick to it. This maximizes your valuable time.

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