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Website Acquisition Techniques for Internet Entrepreneurs

Posted by Brent Fisher in Articles


Unlike brick and mortar locations that are for sale, internet businesses that are for sale run the gamut in not only type, but intentions. Traditionally, for brick and mortar structures, people can see that it is a home, an apartment complex, a warehouse or a business. On the internet, the types of websites for sale are very different and those selling online websites such as an eCommerce business broker can help determine which route is the best route to take. The following are examples of types of websites that can be purchased by a savvy entrepreneur.

  • A site that is poorly optimized but has great content can work to create advertising revenue. By restyling the content and uploading more that is optimized, it’s possible to increase traffic and therefore advertising dollars.
  • Community driven sites exist where the owner is looking to unload the site because hosting fees are too much, and they are unable to optimize or strategize the site for marketing revenue. In these cases, an experienced ecommerce business broker will recommend a site with pre-established high AdSense keyword prices.
  • Find a site with popular niche keywords; look for trends and into an internet crystal ball to predict which keyword niche will be popular in the near future. This could mean a gold mine for a passionate and risk-taking entrepreneur.
  • Create marketplace dominance by merging or buying the competition. Of course, this depends on the industry, some merge easier than others. Ultimately, marketplace dominance will be its own reward.
  • Location, location, location! On the internet, that equates to extension, extension, extension! And the best extensions currently are .com, .org and .net – with .com being the prevailing king of extensions. Buy a site strictly for its domain name (again, look for trends), and play the odds that the domain name will be a coveted one in the future.
  • Purchase a site that complements an existing site. By purchasing an existing site that sells similar products, traffic can be exponentially increased through advertising, emails and more.

Both selling online websites and buying online websites is tricky business. The type of online business purchased can mean fame and fortune, mediocrity, or rock-bottom failure. It’s best to consult a professional and experienced eCommerce business broker who knows what to look for that makes a site valuable, and how to proceed with the purchase.