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It is estimated that there are over 25 million online retailers. Eventually, those business owners are going to be ready to exit their eCommerce or Amazon business, and they need an expert. So, when they ask where to sell website or an Amazon business, what they really want to know is how to create a profitable exit strategy, and how to overcome the many obstacles that online business transactions face. It is best to consult professionals that do this every day – that have closed Millions of deals for Website Owners, Amazon Sellers, eBay entrepreneurs and many other Technology-related Companies.

We regularly see business sale listings where either the Sellers is attempting to sell the business herself, or they’ve contacted their local real estate broker to help. This is an enormous, and costly, mistake. And here’s why: if you sell the business yourself, you lack the ability to be impartial and the experience of where the business should be priced. You also lack in having a network of investors, banks and private equity groups to help fund the sale – something that will increase the purchase price since the Buyer will only have to put down a fraction of the sales price. That’s right – if you sell the business yourself, you have virtually no opportunity of selling that FSBO to a preferred SBA lender. Why? Because every business deal is fraught with problems, but a good Business Broker can solve each of those problems with experience and within their network. Plus, when a Broker is involved, the lender knows that there’s an impartial party that they have a relationship with – something the brokerage does not want to harm. With a lone seller, once she gets her money, she’s gone. There are many other reasons as well, but for all such reasons, banks simply don’t like dealing directly with buyers and sellers without a broker in the middle.

So you think, I’ll just go to my local real estate person – she knows the “system”. Wrong again – and this is even worse than going it alone because the vast majority of all small business deals are SBA deals – at least for those savvy Business Brokers that know how to work within the SBA system. So, if a real estate person tries to use their “network” of real property lenders, she will quickly find out that they don’t do business loans – and they are unlikely to point her in the right direction. So, now you’ve got a broker involved that is lost, but doesn’t want to lose the sale – so she wastes your time and money while she tries to figure it out. Guess what – she never does. And at the end, who loses. YOU do, of course.

The moral of this post – if you want to close your business, and you want to do so at Top Dollar, it is best to consultant with expert Internet Business Brokers, those that have closed so many successful business deals, that banks love it when they get the nod. Not the other way around. To date, they pride themselves with the success of $50,000,000 in sold businesses, that’s a lot of businesses, and a lot of satisfied clients that at first, were they themselves wondering where to sell website.

Sell Website.  With over two decades of experience in successful website sales, the Founders at have gained this knowledge because they too, are web property owners, entrepreneurs and operators. They started because they saw a need for brokers of online businesses because traditional brick and mortar business brokers and real estate agents simply could not satisfy. When the owner of an eBay business, Tech Company, eCommerce storefront or Amazon business is asking where to sell website, can help them through every step of the process because they have personally traversed all obstacles on the road to closing. has vast experience in selling virtually every type of company related in any way to the Internet and Technology, including but not limited to: web properties including eCommerce sites, software companies, app developers, Daily Deal and Flash Sales sites, wholesalers, distributors, drop shippers, fulfillment centers, marketing and advertising agencies.

A strong focus for the Website Closers firm is helping business owners looking at where to sell an Amazon business. Amazon is not a simple beast – it takes a certain set of skills to get those companies sold, especially when taking into account things like Seller Rating, Reviews, etc. The transferability of these assets are the key to success and very, very few people know how to do it the right way.

At, they understand the nuances of Search Engine Marketing, AdWords and AdCenter accounts, creating data feeds, API integration, Social Media Optimization, selling on Amazon, eBay, Buy and NewEgg, using social networks to create brand awareness, among other skills necessary to sell website and create profitable and mutually satisfying results. So, give them a call – they are ready and willing to help you sell your site – and they never get paid a dime until the business closes. Sounds like a good reason to give them a shot …