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What Makes a Domain Name “Premium”?

Posted by Chelsea Ricketson in Articles


Historically, premium domain names have a much better chance of being successful in the eCommerce world than domain names that are not qualified as premium. A website business broker like can tell you that premium domain names follow a specific list of qualities that can sometimes lead to the sale of that domain in the six or seven figures range. It’s easy to think about possible domain names that would not work nearly as well as actual domain names, for example, one of the most widely used and well-recognized domains in the world. had a far better chance of sticking in the eCommerce world than something like, or the same in some other extension.

For entrepreneurs who are interesting in knowing how to buy and sell websites, it’s critical to consider what really makes up a premium domain name before making a purchase. If it’s unclear,, a professional and skilled website business broker, can help. Some of the considerations include:

  • One word domain names. It is possible to find a smattering of one-word .com domain names left on the market and available (like and for example), but for the most part, as the song goes, all of the good ones are taken, which means they have been aging and gaining search engine credibility and, therefore, value.
  • .com. Without a doubt, the most impactful, useful and coveted domain extension is .com.
  • Acronyms with two or three letters are not only easy to remember, they are easy to type. For example,
  • High volume keywords make quality, valuable domain names. A high volume Google search term with a .com extension can be golden to an entrepreneur.
  • One or two word categories and locations make premium domain names. Think:,, They not only make sense, they are easy to remember and will generate a lot of traffic through both precise and mildly related searches.
  • Names that generate a lot of advertiser competition. The internet is a push-and-pull tug of war of words and when someone searches the word “insurance” many ads are bound to come up. This makes for a premium domain name.

Generally, when an entrepreneur wants to learn how to buy and sell websites and seeks out a competent and reliable website business broker like to help them, premium domains will fetch premium prices again and again.