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What Makes Up an Established Ecommerce Business?

Posted by Bill Gustin in Articles

As a person intending to sell your established ecommerce business, the support of an online business broker can be vital for outlining your opportunities.

Choosing when to sell your established ecommerce business is important, since your selection of the appropriate timing and obtaining  a valuation that is in line with all of the hard work you have done behind the scenes can have significant implications for what you are able to charge and sell your company for.

Using Testing to Figure Out Whether Your Business is Established

Determining whether or not you qualify as an established ecommerce business is a process that typically begins with using different types of testing. AB testing is an excellent way to learn about the habits of your customers and determine what they dislike or like about your website.

This means presenting multiple different copies of your website to visitors and every time you click on a page, a random variation is shown to the user. You can also evaluate conversion results, and this helps you figure out whether or not you have an established ecommerce business that is using test results to direct people to the best possible conversion opportunity.

Another step in identifying whether or not you have an established ecommerce business is reviewing your web traffic. Building website traffic can be very time consuming and difficult, but you must understand search engine optimization as a basic tool.

Building Traffic for Your Established E-Commerce Business

One of the best ways to build traffic to your website is to count how many people are opting in to your free item that you provide to visitors. This can be an eBook, a PDF or some other freebie that encourages them to sign up on your list. Furthermore, you will want to track open rates on any emails that you’re sending to your existing lists of prospective customers.

This can help prospective buyers to see exactly how many people you are already engaging with on a regular basis and what a person who purchases the company might be able to expect going forward.

The final phase of determining whether or not your company is an established ecommerce business is thinking about how you use automation. Unfortunately, many ecommerce businesses might seem directly tied to the person who is running the company now. If your business is entirely dependent on you, this limits your possible website valuation and what you can sell the company for. This is primarily because another person might see that there is a great deal of leg work they have to do before being able to reap profits from the company.

Establishing automation is essential so that you can transfer over the ownership of the company as effectively as possible. While there will still likely be a transition period with you and the new owner, having automation processes that you already use while you are still in control can make it easier for the buyer to see all of the benefits of purchasing your company.