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What Role Does Keyword Research Play in My Amazon FBA Business?

Posted by Bill Gustin in Articles


Much of your keyword research should already be completed prior to sourcing a product on Amazon FBA. However, as you add new products or looked to optimize your rankings prior to selling your Amazon FBA business, keyword research is the cornerstone.

How Should I Start With Keyword Research for My Amazon Store?

This should always begin with identifying the product’s primary keyword which is the word or term that you would use to search if you were looking to buy a product in that market.

From that point of identification, keyword research helps you to populate the list of related keywords, in addition to important metrics such as relevancy score and search volume. The list of populated keywords has crucial terms that you should always prioritize in all of the content that you put on Amazon FBA or use with external traffic.

What Happens After I Have One Big List of Possible Keywords?

You will need to look at all of the keywords and make a decision about which ones are the best ones to include. As a starting point, you can sort your results by search volume which will help to flag the most competitive keywords in the market.

The most competitive keywords in your target market are the terms that are being searched most frequently by shoppers. These also have the greatest potential to drive a high volume of sales in your direction. However, there is a downside with selecting these very competitive keywords.

Because they are the most popular among shoppers, your competition knows this as well, meaning that it can be expensive and difficult to rank for these terms.

You will also want to target some additional keywords; those that can drive quick wins for you to help bring sales early on as you build up to targeting the more effective or higher volume keywords.

Make sure that when evaluating your list, you delete any branded keywords. While these branded keywords have high search volume, since you are not the person that owns that company, these should not be targeted with the content that you create.

Once you have already selected a short list of high volume keywords, you should now begin to look for keywords that have the best opportunities. These high opportunities keywords are those that are included within any or most of your competitors’ listings.

Opportunity in keyword research is typically scored from between 0 and 1000. Keywords that have an opportunity score of 1000 are those that have no listings on page 1 with this exact phrase. The lower the score for keyword research, the more listings that will include this term.

Make sure that you sort next by opportunity score and look for those keywords with opportunities of 750 to 1000. Furthermore, these keywords should also have a search volume of at least 1000 searches per month. If no one is searching for keywords but they have a high opportunity, this is a poor strategy for building your Amazon FBA business and driving traffic.