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What to Look For in a Website Broker- Does Reputation Matter?

Posted by Andrew McSwain in Articles

As a website owner or someone who does business on Amazon FBA, you already know how much reputation matters.

One bad review online can haunt you for years, leading people who might otherwise have done business with you to decline the opportunity. This mentality about the importance of social proof and reputation is something you should keep in mind as you plan to work with a business broker, too.

The truth is that not all website brokers are created equal. Some use flashy ads to draw in business or focus on that one big sale they made last year. But is that enough for you to trust your enterprise and website to? Don’t you want to work with website brokers who have been in this industry for many years and have made a living with a good reputation on top of it, too?

The Right Website Brokers

A broker plays a big role in the sale of your company. It’s about so much more than pulling together the research for a valuation. Instead, a website broker takes a look at the big picture of your company and keeps this in mind as they prepare a strategy for you to sell.

Reputation matters more than ever when deciding to partner with a website broker. This person should be someone you trust with your company and the entire process of the sale.

At Website Closers, we like to think we are only successful if our clients are, too. That’s what we bring to the table every time that we set out to work with someone new. You can tell exactly how much we’ve worked with our past clients and what the process is like by looking at our reviews.

We often find that our clients are thrilled about our reputation because they know that we understand this process.

We are familiar with what it takes to get through the whole process of listing your company all the way through to the sale process when the new seller takes over the company. From due diligence through signing the final paperwork, there will be plenty of questions you have over the course of this process.

The reputation of who you choose to work with is crucial for you to have the least amount of stress in the sale.

When evaluating possible website brokers to work with, ask for testimonials and references. Most companies who have been involved in selling websites have plenty of successful sales and can likely point you to an entire page of positive feedback.

You also want to know the broker’s reputation in the individual industry- have they sold sites like yours before, and are they familiar with common concerns expressed by buyers in that industry? Do they know what it takes to list the site and to have qualified buyers prepared to step in and make the purchase?

All of these questions should be things that you think about when trying to decide who to work with. This person and team will be involved in your life from the moment you hire him or her, so your choice makes a difference. Select someone with the right reputation.