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What’s Your Measure of Success?

Posted by Richard Roberts in Articles


In the past, people measured success by how well they raised their children, how kind they were to other people, and how hard they worked. These days, it seems more and more, that people are changing their measure of success to be how much money they make and how many “toys” they can buy. Before beginning any project, it’s important to know why you’re doing it, and where your own personal level of success lies. Financial success will come only after you’ve mastered these skills:

  1. Stabilize your emotions. That doesn’t mean become a robot, rather, get the stress in your life under control. Stress is the number one killer of dreams and people. Become emotionally healthy for future success.
  2. Make time for friends and family. They bring you joy, right? So carve some precious time out of your day to laugh with them, talk with them, and bond with them.
  3. Volunteer. This will help you feel grounded and you’ll remember what’s important in life.
  4. Exercise. Go ahead, make your day! Choose your activity – something you enjoy – and stick to it. Maybe grab a partner and double the fun.
  5. Learn to be resilient. Life is life; it’s filled with quirky ups and downs, and tragedy, as well as joys. Learn to ride through mentally prepared and strong, and you’ll be in a great mindset for being successful.
  6. Just say no to toxicity. You know who those people are. They drain the life out of you with their complaining and negativity. Don’t accept them into your life, surround yourself with people you respect and admire.
  7. Keep your eyes on the prize. When you set goals for yourself, it’s like a reminder as to why you slog through other parts of the day. Your goals should be within reach, but require a bit of effort. Don’t make them unrealistic; instead, know that when you reach them, you’ll feel an enormous sense of accomplishment.

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