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Where to Sell an Internet Business

Posted by John Fairchild in Articles


Eventually, there comes a time in every website’s life when the owner is ready to sell. Regardless of the reasons for the sale, the business owner is likely to wonder where to sell an internet business. Internet businesses are not the same as brick and mortar businesses. Instead of real estate agents, internet businesses require website brokers who know the intricacies and subtle nuances in negotiations involved in the process. Whether the question at hand is, Where to sell an Internet business, or where to sell an Amazon business, or where to sell an eCommerce site, an experienced and thorough web brokerage team can maximize profits and cash at the closing table.

Sometimes, a website owner may ask a real estate agent to “sell my website business” and the agent, hungry for a sale, makes the attempt. However, because digital companies are far different from brick and mortar companies, real estate agents often attempt to use old school methods to try and value digital properties. When it comes right down to it, where to sell an internet business is answered on the internet, by trusted online technical professionals with specific experience selling technology companies, Amazon businesses, eCommerce sites, etc.

Many, less experienced website brokers make the mistake of using online calculators, or simple multiples of cash flow for their website valuation formula. This is another reason to choose only an experienced, highly-praised website brokerage company with at least tens of millions of successful website sales under their belt. Where to sell an internet business should never be taken lightly, however, simply by contacting a value-proven website brokerage company, the wheels are set into motion for accurate valuation, accessibility to qualified lenders and banks, as well as visibility to a large pool of liquid, viable buyers.