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Why Are Reviews So Important as An Amazon Seller?

Posted by Nate Lind in Resources

Growing an Amazon FBA list is probably at the top of your priorities this year. As Amazon FBA has become more competitive and as Amazon has had to adapt in light of the recent pandemic, more people than ever are taking this opportunity to step back and look at their big picture strategy of how they continue to use Amazon. Scheduling a consultation with our knowledgeable business brokers will give you the next piece of information that you need to understand how you can proceed most effectively. Reviews are one of the leading ways that customers decide whether or not to do business with you.

Product reviews, in fact, could even make or break your Amazon FBA business. One 2017 research study found that over 90% of customers are more likely to buy a product after they have read a positive review. When you launch any product this year or in 2021, it’s important to have a plan in place for how to get reviews as soon as possible.

There are two leading ways to get reviews on your Amazon FBA business. The first is through Amazon. These include programs and methods that Amazon has provided to help customers leave reviews for purchases as quickly as possible. Seller methods, on the other hand, reach outside of Amazon’s infrastructure to enhance third party seller success in getting reviews. Amazon’s automated follow up system and Amazon’s request to review button will do some of the work for you after a product has been sent to a customer.

You could also enroll in the Amazon early reviewer program too which encourages shoppers to leave reviews for new products that have been added. If the shopper makes a purchase, Amazon then sends the shopper an offer to leave a review in exchange for a gift card. Your product can also be enrolled in the Amazon Vine Program to get more responses. Outside of Amazon, there are other options available to you to get reviews on the site as a seller.

These include using third party email responders, creating a contact list for emails, utilizing inserts that are shipped with your product that encourage a customer to leave a review and thank them for their purchase, handle negative reviews by verifying that your product is as solid as possible, and that you have an established customer service process in place to address service issues that can arise. The seller messaging system no longer allows you to reach out directly to a customer who left a negative review. You can leave a comment on the review, however. A

dditionally, you can launch products on promotional marketplaces, such as Jump Sent. An Amazon promotional marketplace, however, doesn’t allow you to ask a shopper for feedback in exchange for a product. This means that getting a review because a product was given away for free or heavily discounted doesn’t work.

Make sure that you follow the rules when establishing a plan to maximize your ability to get reviews in the Amazon system. It could make a significant difference in the value of your Amazon FBA business.