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Why You Should Hire an Ecommerce Business Broker to Sell Your Online Business Instead of Going it Alone

Posted by Carson Bomar in Articles


Time is money. It’s an idiom people have used for centuries since the days of Benjamin Franklin, and it’s true when applied to selling website properties as well. Entrepreneurs who are looking for a successful and profitable exit strategy, should not attempt to make the sale on their own. 99% of FiSBO (for sale by owner) ventures are not successful. This is because time is wasted on lackluster “buyers” and usually, if the property is sold, the selling price doesn’t come anywhere near the asking price, or true value of the property.

Enter, a boutique Ecommerce Business Broker with 20 years of experience. They have the proven knowledge and skill to find the right buyers for particular web properties and get them sold. There are many different aspects to selling a website. There’s due diligence, finding the right buyer by knowing how to filter out the wrong buyers, bank lending approval, and a host of other spokes on the transaction wheel. Because of the fact that only takes good deals to regional and national banks that they already have positive, symbiotic relationships with, these banks take their deals very seriously. A FiSBO seller who tries to cold call banks, including their own, for a small business loan is simply wasting their time. is a trusted website broker, and because of this, when a seller teams up with them for their services, they know they will get quick, stress-free and profitable results.

Being a boutique online business broker, doesn’t charge a fee until the sale is complete. This is also quite the guarantee for the seller that their team will work their hardest at finding the best buyers, knowing which bank to ask for lending approval, and helping the seller through every tricky step of the process. For any seller who has an online business or software application to sell, choose instead of going the FiSBO route to save time, maximize profits, decrease the risk of creating a competitor (by unintentionally giving too much information away to Confidential Information Trolls), and seeing a positive and profitable close to the deal.