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You Can Be Your Own Boss - Here’s How

Posted by Carson Bomar in Articles

Is there a DNA strand for entrepreneurial spirit? There just might be. Because when you dream about quitting the 9-5 working-for-the-man job, you can’t seem to shake it. Unfortunately, those big dreams don’t seem to pan out for everyone. But that could be because they don’t know how to go about making them happen. Here are three ways you can truly be your own boss, now, so that you can quit the rat race and work for yourself.

1)      Buy a Franchise. Yes, it costs money, initial investment figures range anywhere from $4,000 to $50,000 and even more. But there are a huge number of franchise opportunities for people who want to spend under $50,000. Figure out what most interests you and then go from there. You can do background research on the company, talk with other franchisees of the company, read all of the important company literature, etc.

2)      Building a business of your own means starting from scratch, so why not become an agent for a brand that already exists? There are plenty of established brands that are looking for hard-working people to represent them. You will be trained on the product and/or service, but generally won’t have to learn about the marketing aspect, you’ll just need to keep your customers happy.

3)      If you have a specialty or skill, you can strike out on your own as a freelancer or consultant. There are almost innumerable options to this, you might become an electrician, plumber, wedding consultant, dog groomer, freelance writer, social media expert, home interior designer, etc. Just make sure to check out all of the relevant information on becoming your own business, and the taxes involved, etc. You might just find that it’s the most fulfilling thing you’ve ever accomplished. is a website brokerage firm that offers their clients a free website appraisal when selling their ecommerce business. If you are ready to sell your online business, call them at 800-251-1559 to set up a free 24 hour consultation and website valuation. With 20 years of experience, has proven to be an exceptional brokerage firm that maximizes profit and closes deals successfully.