Over $750,000,000 in Successfully Sold Web and Tech Companies To Date


Deciding how to approach the process of selling your e-commerce business can be overwhelming or even confusing if you don’t have the assistance of a knowledgeable website broker to guide you through. Inventory is no doubt required to run your business and you have probably established clear systems and processes to help you stay on […]
Are you thinking of selling your online business, whether it’s e-commerce or another website and want help through the process? A business broker could be just the person you need to turn to get assistance with selling your company. A business broker is a trained professional who assists people with selling and buying businesses. Often […]
Business brokers are not required to have licenses or specific accreditations. However, reading more about your prospective online business broker could be your first opportunity to decide whether or not to work with this person for the sale of your business. Most knowledgeable business brokers have been involved in this industry for some time and […]
As a business owner, you might soon begin contemplating what it would look like to sell your business. Whether you have been in operations for a while or are relatively new to the market but feel like it’s time to move on, you would probably have your own solid reasons for wanting to sell your […]
Deciding to work directly with a business broker for the purpose of selling your online company is an exciting proposition as it means you’re moving closer and closer to cashing in on a business that you have worked so hard to generate, tweak and build. However, it is equally important to make sure that you […]
Building your business to the point of a successful six or seven figures can be an exciting rush and form of exhilaration for an entrepreneur. Unfortunately, far too many people overlook the importance of creating an exit plan. In the rush of doing things on a day to day basis, it’s easy to overlook the […]
You probably know that one of the most popular activities online today is making and selling websites. This can be hard for some people to consider if they’ve put in a great deal of work in building their website and getting it to generate a steady revenue stream. This means everything from building it, learning […]
It’s no surprise that many buyers like to include seller financing when purchasing a business. But what happens when a buyer opts to purchase a business, has a seller note, and is no longer available to make payments in the future? There could be consequences for a seller who defaults on a seller note. This […]
Buyers today tend to fall in three main brackets when showing interest in purchasing a website. Selling your website could be something you are interested in if you have put in a lot of leg work to build up revenue of the company and are now looking to move into a new opportunity. Having a […]
Here at Website Closers, we have seen a significant increase in the number of Amazon FBA businesses going up for sale. The good news, however, for sellers is that there is an increasing number of buyers who recognize the potential with owning an Amazon FBA business. Our History with Amazon We have been extremely busy […]