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Sell Your Technology Business And Maximize Your Exit

Selling a technology company is an enormous opportunity. Maximizing the value of your current assets while assessing their future potential is crucial to capitalize on a selling opportunity. Here at Website Closers, our approach is simple: combine our decades of experience as a professional M&A advisor to ensure the maximum value for your technology business.

As an expert technology company business broker, our goal is to be the right representative that will provide your vision to the right buyer. Placing your company’s future in focus while valuing its present is key to achieving this goal. As prime optimizers of the business sale process, Website Closers is a key partner to help you maximize your business exit.


We Make Selling Your Technology Company Easy

At Website Brokers, we don’t just connect potential buyers and business sellers. We go further than simply putting your technology company in the marketplace.

We work diligently with our experienced professional brokers to help you maximize your sale price and business valuation. With decades of experience in the tech, digital marketing, and e-commerce industries, few companies have the combination of experience and expertise that set us apart from the competition.

Targeted List of Buyers

Here at Website Closers, we have built a highly-targeted list of responsive buyers that spans different fields across the tech industry. From traditional software companies and Amazon e-commerce stores to non-traditional businesses such as dropshipping and Daily Deal websites, we can help you find the right potential buyer for your assets.

Transparent Valuation

The process to sell a technology company starts with honest and transparent valuation. The right valuation can attract more buyers to your listings and help you close a deal faster. We have an army of experienced business analysts that can help you evaluate your assets, intellectual properties, human resources, and working facilities to give you the best possible selling price.

Intelligent Marketing

To sell a technology business, you must have an intelligent approach to marketing. Here at Website Closers, we are tech business professionals ourselves. We know the intricacies of SEO, social media marketing, PPC ads, and creating data feeds for marketing. We know how to get your business in front of the right people, and that’s what makes our service a cut above the rest.


Why Having A Broker To Sell Technology Business Matters

Every business transaction is unique. Having a professional team with decades of experience to guide you in the selling process can help you get the best value for your business without compromising your plans.

A technology company business broker can help connect your business to potential buyers so you can focus on doing the things that matter to YOU. Investors looking to buy a technology company will often look into business brokerages to find the best deals available — and this is where we will handle the reins for you.

There are many questions that a prospective buyer might ask when browsing a technology business for sale such as

  • Historical revenue and profit reports
  • Assets that come along with the sale
  • Financial statements
  • Current supplier names
  • Staff information
  • The company’s marketing strategy

Dealing with these internal and external issues is crucial when selling a technology company. Website Closers can help put your business in the limelight, reducing the chances of your business getting undervalued in the marketplace.

Aside from preparing all the necessary documents pre-sale to attract prospective buyers, a professional business broker such as Website Closers can also help you get the most accurate valuation for your business. Overvaluing your business could turn off interested potential buyers. Undervaluing your business, on the other hand, could mean leaving a lot of money on the table.

Business valuation and assessment are some of the qualifications that only a professional business broker like Website Closers can provide. We know how to value your business fairly — from assets, intellectual properties, equipment, and building location to other crucial factors.

Here at Website Brokers, we provide world-class business valuation and brokerage services that can help you achieve your dream business exit. With over 90% success rate in closing technology business deals, we are confident that we can help you find the right buyer for the price that you want.


How To Sell Your Technology Company And Get Maximum Valuation

One of the most common questions we get on our site is “how to sell my technology business and get maximum value out of it?” If you want to sell your technology business and get the maximum value out of it, here are some factors that play into consideration when determining the value of your technology company.

Business Type

Business type plays a huge role in the value of your business. Tech companies that have people as assets such as digital marketing agencies and call centers are valued differently than revenue-based businesses such as Amazon and Shopify e-commerce stores.


Longevity plays a significant role in determining your position in the market. An upstart may have promising numbers, but old and stable businesses that have braved different challenges through the years are also preferred by some investors. Depending on the business you are in, this could play a significant role.

Revenue Generation

How revenue is generated and the assets that come along with a business will ultimately determine its selling price. If your revenue is concentrated only on one specific avenue, its inherent value might also drop in the eyes of potential buyers. Make sure not to put all of your eggs in one basket.

If you don’t have an idea how to sell your technology company and get maximum value out of it, you can hire a professional business broker like Website Closers to help resolve your issues. At Website Closers, we work with a wide variety of different tech businesses that use a variety of monetization strategies. We have an in-depth experience regarding earnings multiples and how these apply to tech businesses. We can help guide you on how to increase your valuation by making changes to your business.

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