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We Help In Selling Amazon Businesses And Getting Maximum Valuation For You

Selling your Amazon business can be a daunting challenge and responsibility. From finding the right buyers to understanding the right network to sell to, business owners can easily get overwhelmed and get their hands full. After all, maximizing the value that you could get from selling Amazon business assets isn’t something that you could learn overnight.

This is where having a trusted partner who can help you sell your Amazon store to potential buyers at the highest possible valuation becomes truly important.

Here at Website Closers, our approach is pretty simple: we’ll help sell your Amazon business so you won’t have to. With years of experience helping business owners sell their companies while getting the highest valuations possible, we are confident that we can help you achieve your dream Amazon business sale.

What Is Website Closers?

Website Closers is an experienced website and business broker serving millions of people around the world. By connecting both buyers and sellers in one place, we offer a safe space where people can buy and sell online businesses and assets for the best possible price in the market.

We have multiple experienced brokers that have massive experience in the fields of technology, internet, eCommerce, digital marketing, and other online niches. Not only are we attorneys, accountants, consultants, and entrepreneurs — we are also business owners who have sold close to a billion dollars worth of businesses online. The combination of background, field experience, and credibility that our team possesses is not something that you can find just about anywhere else.

We know the Amazon selling business like the back of our hands, and we believe that we can get you the best possible price for the eCommerce business that you have worked so hard to raise from the ground up. If you are looking for a trusted partner who can help you find the highest-quality potential buyers for your Amazon business, we at Website Closers are here to help.


Helping Amazon Business Sellers Get The Most Of Their Companies

Amazon business sells. And as fellow owners of Amazon stores, we understand this business model like nobody else. From the period of 2004 to 2021, Amazon’s revenue increased dramatically. From $385 billion in 2020, Amazon’s net revenue jumped to almost $470 billion in 2021, making it one of the most lucrative and valuable businesses in the world. (Source: Statista)

Even in the middle of the global pandemic, Amazon’s sales have never waned. This number is only expected to grow as more and more people transition into buying online. As Amazon continues to grow stronger, the businesses that sell products and services on Amazon also enjoy huge growth in their incomes and revenues. With all of this in mind, how do we help Amazon business sellers make the most of their companies?

  • Targeted List of High-Quality Buyers

At Website Closers, we own a highly-targeted list of eCommerce business buyers that are willing to pay the best price for the right company. We have spent years building a network and community of knowledgeable buyers that know what your business is worth.

Whether you are doing Fulfillment by Amazon FBA or selling directly to Amazon as a vendor, we can help connect you to potential buyers. We will find you the perfect buyer who will handle your business properly and respectfully, even after the sale is finished.

  • Honest and Transparent Valuation

A successful Amazon business selling starts with proper valuation. Knowing what your business is worth and understanding ways on how you can increase its value before it’s time to sell are crucial to the success of your negotiation.

Here at Website Closers, we offer a Free Consultation to aspiring Amazon business owners who want to know how much their business is worth before selling. We can also help increase the value of your business and guide you on what to do to make your business more attractive to potential buyers.

  • Smart and Proactive Marketing

Here at Website Closers, we are business professionals and owners ourselves. We know how Amazon sells business — and it’s through smart and proactive marketing.

As business owners, we understand the intricacies of SEO, social media marketing, pay-per-click ads, increasing organic traffic, and other techniques for smart and proactive marketing. We know how to get your Amazon business in front of the right people. And we can help you find the most suitable buyer for your business through smart and efficient marketing strategies.

Selling Your Amazon Business – Factors That Increase Your Company’s Worth

Selling an Amazon business is not a simple walk in the park. There are many risks and challenges that you have to face, especially if you want to ensure that you are getting the best possible valuation for your business.

Remember, this is not just a simple eCommerce store that you are selling. This is a company that you have built from the ground up. You spent so much of your time over the past few years growing this revenue-generating project. And as owners of online businesses, you must know how to increase your company’s worth before you devise a plan to sell.

To help you out, here are some factors that can affect the price when you decide to sell your Amazon business:

The age of your company can affect how much you can sell it for. As a rule of thumb, potential buyers are more interested in companies that are more than 24 months old. Amazon stores under 24 months can be unstable, and sales can be affected when a change of ownership happens. If you want to get your money’s worth, you should consider selling only after 24 months.

Manufacturers and Product Suppliers
Are your manufacturers and product suppliers local? Or do you source your products abroad? Do you have exclusive contracts with your manufacturers, or are you just reselling what other businesses also sell? Your ability to source products and maintain the exclusivity of these said products plays a huge role in the final price that you can get for your Amazon business once you decide to sell. Most buyers stray away from Amazon stores that have complicated product supply lines that are only sourced from one manufacturer abroad.

Growth Opportunities
Your business must be old enough to have stability, but also young enough to provide enough growth opportunities to the new owner. Room for expansion means more customers and increased revenues in the future, which many potential buyers are looking for.

Targeted Customer Lists
Some buyers don’t want to rely on paid traffic or organic traffic alone. These traffic sources are not 100% stable, and a simple algorithm change in Amazon can wipe off years of hard work in one day. Having a targeted list of customers will make your business extremely valuable in the eyes of potential buyers. Because they can market directly to your list, they can sell any product that they want, as long as the list remains actively engaged.

I Want To Sell My Amazon Business – How Do I Start?

Once you’ve decided that it’s time to sell your Amazon business, what are the next steps to take to ensure the success of your sale? As fellow business owners who have bought and sold our fair share of online businesses, we know that this could be a daunting task.

To help mitigate the risks and ensure maximum valuation for your Amazon business, we want to share with you these 3 powerful tips:

Consult An Expert To Evaluate Your Business

The first thing that you need to do when it’s time to sell is to consult a professional to evaluate your website. You want to ensure that you are offering a quality product to potential buyers before you even put up your business for sale. And the only way to do this is to have an unaffiliated third-party expert evaluate your site.

Here at Website Closers, we offer a Free Consultation to Amazon business owners who want to know what their business is worth. Contact us today and get your Amazon business evaluated for free by our expert professionals.

Find The Best Place To Sell

Finding the right place to sell can impact the final sale price that you can get for your Amazon business. If you try to sell your company to the wrong type of people, you will get underhanded and you will not get what your business is worth.

At Website Closers, we have a community of highly-targeted buyers and sellers who know how to value potential Amazon businesses. The best place to sell is where your product is appreciated — and we have already created the right platform for that.

Partner With A Professional Business Broker

You might think that you can sell your Amazon business on your own. But the truth is, there are many risks and pitfalls along the way that can cause you unseen problems if you tackle them alone.

Hiring a professional business broker can help mitigate the potential risks and get you the best valuation for your Amazon business. With years of experience selling Amazon businesses, we at Website Closers can help make the job easier for you. We have sold eCommerce businesses from as little as $500,000 to as much as $20,000,000. With over a billion dollars worth of sales under our belts, we can lend you our expertise when it comes to selling your Amazon business.

Sell Your Amazon Business Today With Website Closers

Selling your Amazon business can be a daunting and challenging task. Not everyone has the business expertise and proper network to find the best potential buyers for an Amazon store. There is a fair chance that you are undervaluing your business, which means leaving a lot of money on the table. But if you price your Amazon business too high, you could also turn off potential buyers.

If you want to get the maximum valuation for your business, hiring a professional business broker such as Website Closers is the answer to your problem.

Website Closers is a trusted name that can help you connect with potential buyers who knows how to value an Amazon business. With years of experience serving as an online hub where buyers and sellers meet, Website Closers provides a safe place where you can confidently sell your Amazon business for the price that you want. And with our expert professional brokers working hard to negotiate for you, you can rest assured that you won’t be getting your assets undervalued.

With close to a billion dollars worth of website sales under our belts, we have hundreds of closed business deals that you can check out. With a success rate of more than 75%, we can help increase the value of your Amazon business by teaching you well-kept strategies that have worked for us and our clients over the years.

If you are serious about getting your website assessed for sale, contact us today and we’ll set you up for a free consultation. We’ll start with a fair assessment of your Amazon business, checking all the boxes that potential buyers are looking for in an eCommerce store. We’ll also help you increase the price you can get for your business by increasing your value to potential buyers.

What are you waiting for? Let us help you sell your technology business with a free Amazon business consultation today.

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