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Sell eCommerce Businesses Without Hassle

Selling eCommerce businesses is an exciting yet challenging opportunity. As one of the biggest industries in the world today, eCommerce has produced retail giants that generate billions of dollars in revenue annually.

With more people migrating to digital transactions and online shopping, the eCommerce industry is only expected to grow in the next decade. When it comes to profitable website investments, eCommerce websites are one of the hottest tickets in the market right now.

If you are a proud owner of a successful eCommerce store and you are already planning an exit strategy, this big decision requires careful planning and strategy. To get the most value out of your eCommerce store, you need an experienced website broker that can help you sell your eCommerce business without hassle.

Why Sell eCommerce Stores Using A Website Broker?

With a thriving industry such as eCommerce, the demand for websites with good sales and valuation is only getting bigger. According to statistics, there are over 25 million eCommerce websites around the globe today. This number is only growing bigger by the minute.

If you want to sell your eCommerce store and get the best value out of it, hiring a trusted and experienced broker such as Website Closers is a smart decision. Here at Website Closers, we connect sellers with trustworthy and knowledgeable buyers who will help continue the success of their businesses.

Want to know why you should hire a website broker?

  • Highly-Targeted Buyers

One of the reasons why you should sell an eCommerce store through a broker is the list of highly-targeted buyers. Unlike random audiences who are merely interested in your site for profits, website brokers own a list of highly-targeted and trustworthy buyers that would take care of your business and continue your legacy the way you see fit.

  • Maximum Valuation

Selling eCommerce store assets can be a complicated task. Knowing how to properly value a website requires years of experience in assessing sales, profits, revenue channels, and other factors. Professional website brokers can help you get the best value out of your website without leaving potential money on the table.

  • Adaptive Marketing

While eCommerce businesses is not difficult to market, having a professional website broker who knows how to use networks to promote your website is a must. Knowing the intricacies of marketing techniques such as SEO, paid advertisements, and social media marketing can help give your eCommerce websites the right kind of exposure.

Sell Your eCommerce Business With Maximum Valuation

As the online selling industry continues to post strong numbers, the volume of eCommerce businesses also grows. As every transaction is unique and one-of-a-kind, it is your responsibility as a seller to prepare an exit strategy that will help your successful eCommerce business get the maximum valuation it deserves.

There are many ways to increase the sales prices for an eCommerce business. And it all starts by partnering with the right website broker. Here at Website Closers, we are 100% success-based as we try to help our sellers get the best value out of their hard-earned eCommerce businesses. And it all starts with a free business analysis appraisal combined with a well-crafted exit strategy.

Complete Business Appraisal
To get the maximum valuation for your business, a complete business appraisal must be made. At Website Closers, we review the historical profits of your eCommerce store while also exploring the different revenue channels that bring income into the business. By understanding how revenue is generated and how much money the business brings to the table, negotiating a price between buyer and seller becomes so much easier.

Building An Exit Strategy
Before you sell your eCommerce website, you must build an exit strategy and make your business desirable to potential buyers. You must be able to create the kind of business that buyers are looking for. We recommend that you use our free resource on how to maximize your deal by creating a business that buyers want.

Sell eCommerce Website – Our Process

Selling an eCommerce website can be a daunting task, especially for first-time business owners who have no idea how to find a buyer who will carry on their legacy. Here at Website Closers, our goal is to sell your eCommerce website to the most qualified buyer, at the best possible valuation. To do that, we follow a rigid process that involves due diligence and a two-way partnership between us and our sellers.

  • Free Business Analysis

Before we start selling an eCommerce website, we first conduct a free business analysis and appraisal. This will help us understand how revenues are generated, how big is the cash flow, and how much money the eCommerce website can bring to the table. This will help make negotiations with the buyer and seller easier.

  • Crafting An Exit Strategy

An exit strategy is a plan that allows business owners to smoothly transition their eCommerce website to the new buyer. By planning a well-crafted exit strategy, a business owner can increase the business valuation of his assets before selling the eCommerce website.

  • Connecting With Experienced Brokers

Here at Website Closers, we provide a personal business broker that will guide you in the valuation range and exit strategy of your business. We will discuss with you a detailed market strategy tailored to your business. This strategy will help you move forward smoothly with the sale.

At Website Closers, we have become the go-to-market leader in the field of eCommerce website brokerage. Our team will reach out to you and schedule a call with one of our experienced brokers. With years of experience handling the sale of multi-million websites, our professional website brokers will go over the process of learning more about your business. We’ll figure out how your valuation can be increased while keeping in line to find the most suitable buyer for your eCommerce website.

Tips Before Selling an eCommerce Business

To get the best value out of your eCommerce store, here are some handy tips that you can do before you sell your eCommerce business for maximum profit:

Prepare For An Early Exit
Preparing for an early exit means identifying the things that can help increase your value to qualified buyers. This means getting your finances in line, preparing the numbers on the last 12 months’ income, and listing down suppliers to be passed down to the next owner. Preparing the eCommerce profitable online business model of your site will go a long way to increasing its inherent value.

Conduct A Technical SEO Audit
One of the most important aspects of an eCommerce website is organic traffic. A well-structured site that has a passing score after a thorough technical audit will get more value in the eyes of potential buyers. Before selling your site, make sure to run a complete technical SEO audit to check for issues that might affect the value of your sale.

Manage and Prepare Your Inventory
Before handing your store over to a new owner, make sure that your inventory is well-prepared for the transition. Keep track of all your out-of-stock items and balance the supply with the upcoming demand until the sale is finished.


What Is The Best Way To Sell My eCommerce Business?

The best way to sell your eCommerce business is through a trusted and experienced website broker such as Website Closers. By using our network and marketing resources, we can help you find the best possible owner for your eCommerce business without compromising its fair value.

Transferring the eCommerce site to the new owner can be a challenging task. There are many logistical and technical issues that eCommerce store owners are not equipped to handle on their own. Using an experienced team of website brokers can help you sell your eCommerce business faster and safer. As business owners ourselves, we at Website Closers understand the nuances of dealing with selling an eCommerce website to the right buyer.

We understand the importance of finding a buyer that shows special interest in taking over your business. We want to help you make smart and calculated moves based on our advice, guiding you with years of experience under our belts. At Website Closers, we don’t just treat your eCommerce store as another transaction. We treat you as a partner and we are going to do our best to find you the most suitable buyer at the maximum price possible.

If you want to sell your profitable online store with the best business valuation, contact us today to get started. We have years of experience handling eCommerce businesses with millions of dollars in business valuation and cash flow. We’ll discuss with you the best route to improve the value of your business and help prepare your business for the next owner. With our highly-targeted list of interested website buyers ready to make a move, we will connect you with a buyer that is best suited to run your eCommerce site.

To learn more about the big and small business owners that we’ve helped as website business brokers, check out our list of Closed Deals.

Selling Your eCommerce Business – FAQ

1. How do you assess the value of my eCommerce website?

As an eCommerce business broker with years of experience under our belts, we do a combination of risk and value assessments to determine the maximum valuation of an eCommerce website. We will analyze how revenue is generated by the site, how sustainable the business model is, how stable to customer base are and how consistent is the cash flow. We will also check technical capabilities such as site speed, organic traffic, and other factors that can affect the business valuation of your website.

2. Do I Need To Pay For Consultation?

Website Closer is 100% success-based, which means we do not charge a single dime for our consulting work. If you are interested to sell eCommerce business assets soon, contact us today and let us help you sell your business.

3. What are the best-performing eCommerce websites in your database?

Amazon stores remain one of the best-selling eCommerce websites in our database. With billions of dollars getting spent on the platform every month, Amazon stores remain one of the most profitable and best-performing eCommerce sites in our database of closed deals. However, sites that can build a brand both inside and outside Amazon are also sought-after because of reduced channel concentration.

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