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Our clients in the web development space design, create, host and/or maintain websites and web applications for online and traditional businesses across the globe. Since virtually every business in the world needs a website and/or app, web design and development firms are in very high demand and we’ve sold a large number of those that have come on the market.

Software has pervaded our society; the software development industry rapidly expanded in the 1970s and has now become a mammoth industry grossing over $500 Billion. In today’s modern world, virtually all products (consumer or otherwise) that use DC or AC electricity, have software, either embedded to make it “intelligent,” or installed like programs in mobile devices and computers. Building software starts with identifying a need, designing the program, and testing it for issues.

While some of our clients may focus on a particular aspect of software production (like front end or back end design), others take on general software projects. A software product is a program, or a collection of programs that have been coded by programmers to do something that may be of use to potential customers. A software company often produces multiple products that perform complimentary functions. They are termed ‘companion products’, and together they form a suite. This creation is a digital solution to everyday problems. Software development companies also build business management tools, corporate systems and design websites. Some dev teams build corporate web-based systems to help enterprises automate processes, increase productivity, and facilitate workflow management. Some also provide technical insights.

A great software company provides solutions that bring real value. Our job is to identify the value created by our clients’ development business and harness that to create a scenario where the business is sold for the very highest multiple possible. Valuing a web and software design and development firm is much different than many other valuations in the technology and internet space. With our considerable experience in the internet sector, we encourage our clients to open their businesses to us as early on as possible so that we can work alongside our clients to push the value of their company as high as possible on exit.

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