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This business is a two year old rapid growth company. They have created a niche in the eCommerce space that fills a gap much needed by the Flash Sales Internet market. This a unique opportunity that is ripe for scale.

The company sells a variety of products primarily through popular, high traffic eCommerce channels. The infrastructure in place allows a Buyer to come in and utilize the existing business model to create an even greater profit base. Competition is limited in this space, making it attractive to a buyer that wants to scale in the short term. This particular sector is relatively new and is the wave of the future because it fills a gap needed by Flash Sales eCommerce sites. It is basically taking existing sales mediums and utilizing them to create large sales volumes in a quick and dynamic fashion. This business opportunity has a large upside as evidenced by numerous companies currently operating in the digital space. This model has healthy margins and very little overhead.

Several companies have flourished in this segment to become massive websites, including Zulily, One Kings Lane and Ruelala. Zulily recently went public and currently has a market cap of over $8 Billion. This validates the flash space sector, which has ample opportunities to grow. This business is in the right place at the right time.

This company is a great add on for a major distributor/ wholesale Company or for a new entrepreneur that wants to get into the Internet Sector. The Seller will deliver all assets free and clear at the time of the sale. Most products are outsourced to a third party after orders have been sourced, so a buyer can focus on adding value to the business rather than logistics.

Asking Price
$ 250,000
Cash Flow
$ 120,000
Gross Income
$ 250,000
Year Established
It is the relationships they have in place with overseas Vendors that allows the opportunity to maximize gross margins, which hover around 70%. Currently there are no sales generated by the company website; therefore, there is a sizeable upside potential immediately available to a buyer to utilize the website to increase overall sales volume. They have had over 125,000 unique visitors to their website. The product lines are flexible, allowing the Company to capitalize on trends and create volume based on a combination of explosive sales avenues with items much in demand.
Can be relocated conveniently.
They have successfully outsourced the various moving parts. Such as Fulfillment, Customer Service and Bookkeeping. The Seller will include plenty of training as part of the purchase to ensure a smooth transition.

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