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Digital Marketing Agency – Highly Experienced Staff – Web Design, Web Hosting, SEO, Content Marketing & More – 22 Years in Business – 93% Recurring Revenue

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Website Closers® presents a full-service Digital Marketing Agency that has been in operation for over 2 decades and has the client base and results to show for it. The brand works with clients throughout the US, strengthening their businesses and web traffic through services that fall into 3 main categories: design, development, and marketing. They address many of the common needs that plague businesses of all shapes and sizes, assisting with everything from branding and logo design for budding enterprises to SEO and content marketing for more seasoned companies looking to boost their traffic numbers.

The business has been profitable every year since inception and they have been growing profit every year for many years now. This year, revenue is on the path to grow by over 25%, with earnings growth predicted to grow by over 35%. The steadiness and surety of their revenue can be traced back to their long-term clients, who are responsible for an astounding 93% of their annual recurring revenue. These clients have come to trust and rely on the brand’s services to keep their own companies growing at their desired rate and are likely to continue sticking around for years to come, given that many have been with the brand for over 10 years now.

Services and Customer Reception

The quality and satisfaction that the brand offers has led to a 4.9-star rating on Google based on 55 reviews, a 5-star rating on Clutch based on 33, and word-of-mouth referrals so high in number that they require no spending on traditional marketing efforts. Clients have consistently been delighted with the fact that they retain ownership of all the work the brand does for them, including their websites. These websites are built to follow rules, guidelines, and license requirements, with the content created being unique, and the software and images used both being licensed.

Staff and Operations

The brand’s daily operations are a well-oiled machine, making full use of the capable staff team that the owner has employed throughout the 22 years since the company was first established. Each employee has specific responsibilities to perform each day, with these responsibilities being well-defined and focused on servicing their existing clients to the best of their ability.

The brand’s key employees consist of:

  • A Creative Director, who is the brand’s most senior web developer with 30 years of industry experience. He builds new websites, helps with SEO and obtaining positive reviews for the website, and assists in support issues when needed. He also created, maintains, and continues to polish the functionality of the company’s FileMaker database.
  • A Web Developer, with 17 years of industry experience. He also creates new websites and takes the lead role in answering phone calls and helping clients with their support requests. Additionally, he assists in sales development and manages their 2 Google My Business listings, among other business directory listings.
  • An Office Manager, who generates all contracts and invoices, deals with A/P and A/R, and handles all human resource (HR) issues. Web hosting, email subscriptions, and support contracts that are up for renewal also fall under their responsibilities.
  • A Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (FCMO), who is a 3rd party white-label consultant that has 26 years of industry experience under their belt. They’re responsible for the marketing division of the company.

These employees are highly experienced, allowing the owner to focus on maintaining their daily tasks. These tasks consist primarily of sales and customer relations, operational and financial decisions, overseeing projects and web server operations, and creating estimates and proposals. The company’s employees will be staying on with the acquisition.

Scale Opportunities

There is enormous opportunity for growth in this brand’s future, with their systems and processes already being in place to scale. The current owner has been unable to utilize the company’s full potential for personal reasons, but an enterprising entrepreneur can quickly and effectively make use of the groundwork that’s been laid out for them to make a brilliant brand even brighter.

The company’s lack of investment in marketing or social media growth is a fantastic opportunity to start with and could quickly increase their sales as more business owners discover their services or their services are upsold to more of their existing clientele. The buyer could accomplish this through several tactics, such as optimizing the current website with improved SEO practices and expanded content generation.

They could also actively engage in network opportunities and partner with IT service shops, use AI to assist in marketing and production, and bolster their social media strategy by featuring glowing testimonials and case studies. If the buyer is interested in strengthening their organic traffic, they could investigate researching, setting up, and possibly executing a tactical cold calling and email campaign. This can be done through an intern, or a 3rd party lead generation/appointment setting service.

Marketing is hardly the only method that the company can use to scale, however. For instance, alongside advertising, AI’s capabilities can be used to streamline operations, letting the brand improve workflows and expand services to existing clients. They could explore licensing of custom CRM to other agencies, and, once they have more resources available to execute the work, they could focus marketing efforts to scale to larger clients and different industry verticals.

As more residual work is done for their customer base, the brand will then have the additional work to be able to employ more staff, who will, in turn, bring new skill sets to the table to improve the company’s services. From there, the company can take on larger projects and more complicated jobs, strengthening their reputation and profits far beyond their current means.


This 22-year-old acquisition is a marvelous deal for buyers looking to get a foothold in the digital agency market. Their proprietary CRM streamlines their processes, their client base is both established and enthusiastic, and their team of employees is highly capable at their tasks.

If you’re a buyer savvy in the ways of digital marketing and are eager to put those skills to use, then contact Website Closers today for more information about this agency veteran.

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Asking Price
$ 1,250,000
Cash Flow
$ 299,882
Gross Income
$ 554,487
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