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Digital Product Company – Builds Advanced Software Platforms & Services Technology Brands – 80% Repeat Business – $34k Average Monthly Retainers

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Website Closers® presents a tremendous opportunity to become part of the thriving Silicon Valley digital universe by acquiring this Digital Product Company that has built advanced software platforms while concurrently servicing innovative VC-backed startups, iconic technology brands, and Fortune 500 companies eager to leverage their high-tech expertise.

Over the past decade, this firm has designed, built, and integrated transformative digital experiences and hundreds of scalable web and mobile platforms for a world-class list of customers that includes Google, Uber, Airbnb, Intuitive Surgical, 23andMe, Yahoo, Monster, Bridgewater Capital, and others. Their technology and leadership have been featured prominently in high-profile news outlets such as Yahoo Finance, Forbes, The New York Times, NBC Sports, Financial Times, and many others.

The company has developed an expansive suite of intellectual property, serving as the keystone for their groundbreaking digital platforms and setting them apart from industry competitors. Its cutting-edge IP suite is comprised of an advanced Foundational CMS and API, an intuitive Website Builder, and a dynamic Headless CMS. By leveraging these proprietary technologies, the company consistently achieves unparalleled quality and time-to-market, both for its own in-house products and customized client solutions.

Moreover, the company evolved its foundational Fintech IP into a WhiteLabel Financial Technology product, significantly streamlining the deployment of specialized Crowdfunding Platforms focused on the Regulation A+, CF, and D investment landscapes. Other core intellectual property has also been strategically harnessed to create a comprehensive turnkey platform, specifically designed to enable entrepreneurs to launch, manage, and grow their businesses with ease.

In conjunction with its successful core platform and product offerings, the company maintains a highly profitable service line built around these platforms and custom product design, development, and delivery. This innovative <one-two punch= of platforms and services has yielded over $14.5M in revenue since 2020 (with $8.7M in profit). Over the past year alone, the firm has grown lifetime customer value from $178,400 to an impressive $427,000+, with 80% of its current revenue coming from repeat clients.

This firm operates and offers tech-IP that fits within an immensely profitable technology sector. The digital transformation market size (including solutions and services) is expected to grow from USD $695.5 billion in 2023 to USD $3.1 trillion by 2030, at a CAGR of 24.1% during the forecast period. Over the past few years, the global custom software development market that the firm has serviced has watched its profits skyrocket after the pandemic and subsequent shift to remote work, reaching $24.46 billion in 2021, and projected to grow by 22.3% through 2030.

By acquiring this company, investors are receiving one of the rarest opportunities in Silicon Valley: a Digital Product Company that is both highly profitable and owns a suite of intellectual property poised for exponential growth. Buyers aren’t only capitalizing on a history of excellence; they’re buying into a future ripe with groundbreaking digital products set to redefine multiple industries.

Founded in 2011 in San Francisco by technologists from some of Silicon Valley’s most influential tech companies, this firm’s team of experts and leadership have designed and built over 850+ digital products, many of them so engaging that they have delivered over $1 billion in revenue, while having delighted over 100 million users across 30 industries including FinTech, MedTech, AI/ML, Blockchain and Gaming.

Today, the company continues to draw new clients on long-term retainers, eager to take full advantage of their deep expertise in digital strategy & leadership, product design & market analysis, product & project management, frontend, backend, and mobile engineering, advanced quality (QA) assurance and analytics, staffing placements and augmentation, and live product operations support and maintenance.

As a certified Google Cloud Technology Partner and Google Developers Agency member, this firm is considered to be among the most elite digital agencies in the world.

What makes this firm so unique has been its intentional investment into productized services and proprietary tech-IP, which has delivered millions of dollars in value to its clients and stakeholders. In 2022 alone, the company invested $865k in R&D in products.

While designing and building digital platforms for clients over the past decade, the firm has leveraged its technical expertise to create robust libraries of functionality, frameworks, databases, UI/UX, design systems, and tooling across the entire tech stack.

Today they have amassed an impressive database of templates, modular web applications, and fully-customizable white label solutions.

A testament to its progressive culture, this firm embraced a fully remote working operational model long before the pandemic, with employees in functions that include web engineering, quality assurance, project and product management, design, operations, and human resources distributed across key talent hubs across the world. Committed to retaining top talent, the company has made significant investments in its leadership and employee career growth, with the staff in functional leadership roles averaging 4 years of tenure.

These various departments and their internal systems of communication have been optimized over several years of collaboration with regularly scheduled cross-functional meetings, weekly department syncs, daily project stand-ups, regular HR check-ins, workshops, sharing of educational materials, and yearly documented performance reviews.

Embracing best practices from similar industry-leading technology firms, the company has diligently maintained two core operational categories of staff: internal operations and product development teams.

Internal operations include human resources, department leadership, operational management, and growth departments. These departments have an organizational focus on driving results across the broader strategic initiatives of the firm.

Cross-functional product development teams, by comparison, are dedicated to projects that include building proprietary digital products alongside client projects.

While focused on product development, the company has historically thrived on inbound business via client and network referrals, without the need for ad spend or an outbound sales team.

Over the past few months, the firm has established a data-driven digital marketing strategy, with a focus on key social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter/X), blogging of industry insights and case studies via their growing website, and enacting a successful employee brand ambassador program.

Leveraging years of performance marketing experience, the firm’s early content strategy on LinkedIn has yielded impressive results that include posts with an engagement rate 10x higher than current averages for social media posts, with paid ads yielding a best-in-class & >2% CTR on LinkedIn.

The firm is also currently executing Google and Facebook advertising to increase awareness and reach, notably towards their new digital products.

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Asking Price
$ 4,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,323,859
Gross Income
$ 5,210,569
Year Established

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