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Skincare & Healthcare CPG Brand – eCommerce Sales Channel – 17% Repeat Orders


Website Closers® presents a booming international eCommerce company that sells exclusive natural, organic, non-GMO beauty products. They have become a recognized brand leader within the thriving health, wellness, and anti-aging industry. Early success enabled the brand to quickly expand its SKUs to more than 50, with a diverse product line that now includes Shampoo, Conditioner, Skincare, Nutritional Supplements and various Beauty Accessories.

Their products have been successfully sold on numerous sales channels that include Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Shopify and Etsy, and their loyal and fast-growing customer base has provided them with a stunning 22% net operating profit margin. As their customer base grew rapidly between 2019 and 2021, reviews have been glowing and this company now scores a 97% positive seller rating with more than 5,100 reviews on Amazon. This is a business ideally positioned to scale quickly by expanding its already diverse product line, launching sales into new countries, shifting sales onto other online marketplaces, and expanding further into the wholesale market.

This Internet Business operates within a field that is growing in leaps and bounds as Baby Boomers alone have helped make it a billion-dollar industry. The Global Anti-Aging Products Market is projected to grow robustly as demand rises among middle-aged consumers for both skincare and haircare items. Consumers have been eager to find multi-functional cosmetic products to enhance their physical appearance. With that kind of demand, this brand is quickly building up an ever-larger customer base eager to find their next favorite hair and skin care products.

Formed in 2017, this company’s goal is developing products that would help customers take advantage of natural skin and hair care products that were effective, affordable, and safe. After initially looking to market products that had already been developed, the company decided to create its own SKUs, and their first products were organic oils designed to keep skin and hair beautiful. The company continued to develop its exclusive product lines, adding new oils, shampoos, conditioners, and skin care serums to the list of all-natural products designed to fit the lifestyles and budget of their customers and help them achieve their skin and hair goals.

The brand has established itself by using organic ingredients for its Skin Care products, made free of parabens, additives, and sulfates, and safe for all skin types. This company’s products are “cruelty free,” meaning they are never tested first on animals.

The company also developed a wellness brand to penetrate the Supplements/Vitamins market, with a Bariatric once-a-day multi vitamin and hair supplement on sale.  These supplements are produced by a few reliable contract manufacturers, although this company owns the formulas. The same is true for their shampoos, conditioners, and personal care items.

Another recent addition has been accessories from China that include shampoo massage brushes, mascara brushes, towels, bags, and shampoo holders.

The company lists its products on many different sales channels, with their biggest success coming from Amazon, which represents 65% of their sales. The company also has more than 1,100 Subscribe & Save customers and those numbers are growing rapidly. A percentage of sales are also conducted on sites such as Walmart, eBay, Etsy, and its own Shopify platform. The company has a smooth delivery system using Fulfilled by Amazon. Amazon stores most inventory, and Deliverr is used to cover most of the rest. The company tends to store enough stock for 3 months’ worth of sales.

Their products are selected based on their research into data provided by Amazon, which lets the company analyze demand, supply, and competition, product costs and margins, and customer reviews for similar products.

This business has a multidimensional marketing campaign that has used paid ads on Amazon combined with organic marketing on social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest, with regular postings, outreach to influencers, and contests and giveaways. With more than 30,000 emails in their database, their email marketing campaigns have directed 17% of sales and been responsible for a rising number of returning customers.  The brand also uses SEO to optimize pages on their website, which contains a blog focused on anti-aging products.

The company now has a few wholesale accounts with repeat purchases, including salons and beauty parlors, and there are immense ways of shifting to a stronger and more vigorous B2B strategy that includes expanding into retail big box stores. While the company focuses primarily on sales within the U.S., sales could increase sharply by opening up international shipping in new countries. The company has already sold its products through Amazon UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, and France.

With the massive success of their product line so far, this brand could also increase profitability by expanding its SKUs. A buyer could take advantage of the company’s existing product development plan that focuses on doing just that. Other scale opportunities include increasing their promotions for Amazon Subscribe and Save customers and expanding onto other online marketplaces.

The three owners now spend between 10-20 hours a week working on this business, with primary tasks that include managing logistics, production, research, customer service on Amazon and Walmart, marketing, branding and business development. The company has no employees although they use part-time contractors for some copywriting and customer service tasks.

As the field of anti-aging products continues to expand and grow, this company has quickly become a leader within the industry with its highly popular skincare and haircare products, drawing rave reviews online and increasing profits dramatically since 2019. That success rate puts them at the perfect positioning for exponential growth. This company could easily add up to 50 new products with hundreds of variations of each, including more shampoos and conditioners, natural oils, more skincare products and more Vitamins and Detox SKUs. They are currently working on their first OTC Drug approved by the FDA in the hair-loss vertical. There is still room to grow sales on Amazon, and there are plenty of other marketplaces to add listings to.

Having already generated highly ecstatic reviews from customers, this brand has shown that it is a true innovator in the field of anti-aging products and should experience phenomenal growth in the years ahead.

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