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Superfood & Supplements eCommerce Retailer – Direct to Consumer & Wholesale


The target is an online Direct to Consumer and Wholesale Nutritional Supplements and Superfoods Company. With 400% sales growth in the last 2 years, this company has proven its ability to scale. The business thrives as an importer and distributor of raw and organic superfoods as well as oils and supplements. With these relationships in hand, from cases to containers, this opportunity provides any-scale purchasing options for more than 182 products spanning the health food industry, including 3 in house brands.

Sourcing products from all over the world, this company operates on an online, wholesale and hybrid dropship model. Due to current events, there has been a rise in health and wellness awareness that has led to a 50% sales increase for this business. Selling both B2B and B2C, this offering appeals to buyers on many levels and in a multitude of different ways in order to maximize brand awareness as well as profits.

Currently, this company leverages word of mouth and a minimal social media presence along with email marketing to drive sales and traffic. This leaves a large opportunity for in-depth branding through additional social media efforts, an SEO refresh, and paid digital advertising to help skyrocket this business’ current success.

A few exciting growth opportunities for this brand include paid social media outreach, SEO, Google advertising and expanded selling platforms. Social media use would be especially effective on Instagram and Facebook as that’s where food pictures and lifestyle routines are normally posted. Health blogging can also be a great source for audience outreach within this vertical, especially since the company is already posting things like recipes to their own site regularly.

Operating on a hybrid model of 70% Amazon Sales, of which 10% leverage drop shipping, and 30% cumulatively through their other selling platforms, this company utilizes its resources to provide fast and reliable shipping on orders large and small, which has helped to build their reputation for quality across its B2B and B2C channels.

As an online seller, this company does not require an incoming buyer to have any previous knowledge of the industry. The current management team is ready to bring in a buyer and train so that any interested new owner can be fully prepared for success. Perfectly positioned to scale, this company is bringing to market 3 of its own brands and has recently signed contracts with Vitamin Shoppe as a new client and seller of their products. In addition to their existing partnerships with iHerb and Food Innovations, this is just another way that this business is growing both their client base and brand awareness.

Currently there are 4 people working at this company. There are two owners, 2 remote VAs and 1 part time employee. This team oversees website management, graphic design and customer service. With a fully remote team, this company is easily relocated and scaled to meet the strategy of any owner – even one that would like to travel the world and continue working without missing a beat.

So far, this brand has grown solely on organic website traffic and word of mouth alone. However, ownership recently began an email marketing campaign spanning more than 35,000 consumer and 9,000 wholesale customer accounts. Initiatives like this and more are amazing opportunities for growth as the health and online wellness markets grow. Brand awareness and diversification are the name of the game in eCommerce and this company gives a buyer like you free reign to develop and scale both branding and outreach for fantastic and profitable results.

This company is an open opportunity for scale within the booming industries of both B2B and B2C health and wellness products. With 3 proprietary brands, tailored packaging, and their own recipe page, this company is perfectly positioned to become a full-fledged brand of its own that will inspire and rapidly grow. This opportunity carries partnerships with brick-and-mortar sellers as well as across multiple online selling platforms to maximize profits while minimizing labor and overhead costs. It is ready for the next stage of its journey.

This Supplements & Superfoods Brand Retailer Represented by:

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Listing ID:  WC2080

Asking Price
$ 2,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 560,779
Gross Income
$ 1,790,692
Year Established

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