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On the market is an exciting opportunity to acquire an online, multilingual press release and social media newswire service that includes social media distribution capabilities and broadcasts to multiple social media networks and newsrooms.

This service provides services for small businesses and agencies, and provides affordable content creation and distribution tools to news outlets and social networks. The company provides a guarantee that the release will be listed on all the major search engines (Google, Yahoo! and Bing) within 24 hours and on Twitter and PR-inside. Since its launch, it has published over 5,000 articles—both original content and corporate press releases. It’s publishing rates are increasing year over year and ready for exponential growth.

The company news content is listed by Google NEWS and Bing News and recognized by the search engines giants as a legitimate news source. All its news content is automatically sent to 22 social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

In addition to online publishing to Google News, Bing News and Yahoo! and social media distribution, the company offers targeted webmail services and owns an extensive media database of over 100,000 news outlets. With a purchase of its targeted packages, press releases are emailed directly to its selected news outlets. The news outlets in the media database are based in the U.S., Canada and the UK.

Here are a few of the valuation metrics used to list this Internet Company:

Growth: Company has had strong growth since its inception and has built a strong customer base with 90% REPEAT BUSINESS.

Low Overhead: The business can be operated from an owner’s home without any employees. This gives a new owner options to scale at their own, smart pace.

Re-locatable: This business is 100% re-locatable and can be operated from any location.

Web Presence: the business can be expanded to grow its online presence rapidly by the use of ad campaigns.

Branded Newswire: By adding a blog and advertising, the recognition of the newswire service name could be easily built.

Asking Price
$ 60,000
Cash Flow
$ 20,000
Gross Income
$ 22,000

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