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10 Questions to Ask Every Internet Business Broker

Posted by Megan Gunsorek in Articles

Business Brokers – Sell Website – Sell My Business

Does any of the above sound familiar to you? Are you looking at various Online and Internet Business Brokers that Sell Website? Having you been telling your friends that you need to “sell my business”? If so, you have come to the right place. But we don’t just sell websites; we also sell Internet Companies; SaaS, IaaS and PaaS companies, digital marketing firms, online media companies, ad networks, eCommerce companies, software and application companies and any other company that operates in the digital space. And together with our sister company, ValleyBiggs, we manage this entire sector at both the Small Business Enterprise and Mid-Market levels.

So where do you start? Let’s say that you started a company a year or so ago and it is starting to bore you, or maybe it’s gotten too large for you to manage. So you start googling business brokers – you likely will find thousands of brokers out there. Most of those brokers have no idea how to sell an Internet or Tech company – but trust us – they will still try to win your business. Let’s say you find a broker or two that you like, that you think you can trust, and that you believe has the ability to maximize your company’s exit purchase price. Then what?

When you starting speaking with brokers – there’s 10 things we recommend you ask your potential broker to ensure you’re speaking with somebody that can get the job done as the very highest level:

1. How many Tech & Internet Companies have you sold in the past?
2. How many Tech & Internet Companies do you currently represent at market?
3. What are the largest sized deals you have done?
4. Do you get involved with the buyer to assist them with obtaining financing (especially SBA 7(a) loans)?
5. Have you ever personally operated a Tech or Internet Company?
6. If you have operational experience in this segment – how many have you operated – and at what sizes?
7. Are you and Inc500 Company?
8. Do you have a team of professionals and experts that work with you to manage the M&A process, like attorneys, CPAs, tax advisors, banks, investors, marketing professionals, etc.?
9. Do you push for a quick sale, or do you try to maximize the purchase price – even though this might take longer?
10. Do you have a list of references you can provide to support the quality of your services?

The above 10 questions are critical; don’t let your broker wiggle out of answering any of them – if they don’t answer them to your liking, you should then try or ValleyBiggs. Regardless of the size of your company, and regardless of the segment in which you operate, we’ve already sold one or more just like it (and likely dozens more similar to it). We’re so confident that you’ll be better served by, and more impressed with, our team of experts, that we invite you to talk to all of our “competition” first – then come to us. See what they have to say, then here the answers from the best in the business.

We know it sounds weird – to push a potential client into the arms of another suitor before even speaking with us – but our professionalism and expertise is clear, not just from discussions you’ll have with us, but from what others say about us as well. We’re extremely aggressive – over 50% of the companies we take on are under contract within a week – over 50%! And these are not low valuations we’re talking about – our brokerages push to maximize the value of a company to the highest edge of the range unless the client advises that she would prefer to sell even faster than our normal sell rate.

The bottom line is that we’re good at what we do, we care about our clients and their desires, and we’re in it for the long haul. We have many clients come to us a year or more in advance that wants to prepare an exit strategy for a sale down the road. We’re more than happy to help, because with our help, they are likely to get more for their business, and thus, we are all ultimately more successful in the sale of the business.