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7 Big Advantages Of Hiring An M&A Broker

Posted by David Lylis in Articles


So you have been considering selling your business and have been working on it to make it more acquirable. You have found someone to replace you, you have put profitability high on the radar, and your financials are squeaky clean! But now what? Where do you go from here? A good M&A broker can offer you some key advantages to help you carry out the process flawlessly.

1.    Confidentiality
A broker will get in touch only with the owner approved buyers through a blind profile. It is a document that describes the company to the prospective buyer without revealing their identity.

2.    Business Continuity
Selling a business can turn into a full time job by itself, hindering the running of the business for the owner. When a broker takes care of the sale, the owner can stay focused on the business.

3.    Access To Potential Buyers
A broker would have the essential tools and resources to reach the largest possible base of buyers. Hence, they have a better chance of finding a better buyer than you do.

4.    Marketing
This is the broker’s job, and when they start setting up a sale, they know exactly how and who to market to. They would know how to showcase your business in the best possible manner that would help you quote a higher sale price. Being experienced in this business they have a deeper understanding of what the buyers are looking for and can help you identify the areas that need tweaking, thus helping you put a higher tag on your sale of business.

5.    An Unbiased Valuation
The valuation of a business is a long and complex process and entails a lot more than the valuation of a property. There is a huge number of variables here that contribute to the final value of the business and these variable vary from business to business depending on its nature. An M&A broker has at their disposable business transaction databases to serve as reference. The gratification for a business owner comes from the multitude of bids from interested buyers which can only be generated through the resources of a professional broker.

6.    An Equitable Playfield
Most of the buyers would have had experience of acquiring a number of business in their history, however most sellers might be doing it for the first time. When a broker is involved, it levels the playfield by creating a balance of experience between the two.

7.    Bringing The Deal To A Close.
When a business deal takes longer to close a lot of problems begin emerging within the company. When a broker is involved in the process, it is in his interest to close the deal at the earliest lowering the risks of any internal disturbance or troubles in the company.