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Avoid These Pitfalls when Managing a Small Business

Posted by Eric Pittman in Articles


Many, many people dream about becoming an entrepreneur. Usually, it’s when they are sitting at their desk, fluorescent lights beating down on them and they are sick and tired of working for somebody else. Unfortunately, the idea of working for yourself and becoming an entrepreneur is much easier than actually doing it. It takes a special breed to maintain the discipline, hard work, drive, and energy it takes to run one, two or more businesses, slugging through the hard stuff with your eyes still on the prize.

  • Don’t forget to delegate! As an entrepreneur with an entrepreneurial spirit, that usually means that you like, and are used to, doing things by yourself. It’s important to remember that sometimes it’s far better to have other people take on tasks so you can concentrate on the bigger picture.
  • Don’t forget that everything is always changing! The world changes every day, as does the internet, as do consumer’s tastes and trends. Strategies and marketing plans, even the market you are targeting for your products or services, should always be up for scrutiny. Always be ready to implement new ideas.
  • Don’t forget why you’re there! Yes, starting your own business, managing and running it gets hard. There are days when it doesn’t seem worth it, there are days when you might even think you’re ready to throw in the towel. Step away from it for a bit and try to remember what brought you there to begin with: more time with the family? To follow a passion? Try and reignite that spark to infuse energy into your soul and your project.
  • Don’t forget to handle your stress effectively! Running a business is going to be oodles more stressful than working for someone else, after all, the ball is in your court, every single day and you have to return it, well, for good returns. Learning to handle stress effectively will get you through the rough patches. Try meditating, exercising, day trips, comedy clubs, etc.

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