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Be More than an Entrepreneur - Be an Inspiration to Others

Posted by Remy Belanger in Articles


When people think about being an entrepreneur they think of long hours, brain sparks and brain drain, and nearly constant stops and starts until “magic” is hit upon. But being an entrepreneur is not just workings of the mind, in fact, to be successful; you need to incorporate every facet of your being toward being vibrant, creative, healthy, and innovative.

This means that the brain doesn’t just play a role, your body does, too. When you take care of your body you impact your emotional and mental health in ways that you never realized could be possible. Physical impairment often leads to mental and emotional impairment, so to counter that, keeping yourself physically fit will open your mind to new ways of thinking not just so you can succeed in your own right, but also succeed by being an inspiration to others.

What are the ways you should be taking care of your body, and in essence, taking care of your mind?

  • You should be drinking lots of water every day. Nearly nothing purges the body better than the refreshing cleanse of water on a regular basis. Did you know that most of us go through life dehydrated? This inhibits mental and physical well-being.
  • You shouldn’t eat past 8 p.m. Every part of your body has a function, and when you eat past 8 p.m. you’re forcing your body to digest the food in your belly and this can, in turn, cause you to wake up still tired.
  • You should be eating several little meals a day. Don’t blimp up on two or three big meals, feed your furnace with smaller meals that are easy to digest and metabolize.
  • You should be eating more greens and organic foods and less processed food. Fast food? Ditch it. It never has been, and never will be, good for any type of mental, emotional or physical health.

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