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Being an Entrepreneur is Not for Everyone

Posted by Justin Harris in Articles


Most entrepreneurs find themselves on the other end of a conversation with at least one person in their career that, when finding out what they do, will often hear either, “I think I could do that”, or “I’m going to do that one day”. While this sounds somewhat innocuous to most, the reality is that most of those people, while well-intended, will do nothing but talk about being an Entrepreneur the balance of their adult lives – taking the actual step – moving beyond a comfort zone – that’s the sign of a true entrepreneur. And in the Internet & Technology Space – that’s a sign of a future client.

Entrepreneurs don’t need or want direction from others – they beat to their own drum. And what’s clear in our experience, both in our own lives as Entrepreneurs, as well as those of our clients that we interact with day-in and day-out, is that people that live the life of an Entrepreneur are never “comfortable being comfortable.” Losing it all – without any backstop – without a cushy nine to five that will be there when you get crushed by a competitor – that’s the downside for an Entrepreneur. Failing (at least in their own mind) family, friends and doing the one thing they’ve wanted all their lives – building their own empire – is another of the many downsides that Entrepreneurs face.

But, the truth is that smart Entrepreneurs go forth, not on faith, hope or luck, but on a well-advised, well scrutinized series of steps that reduce risk and cultivate successes. Entrepreneurs come from all walks of life – from the Ivy League to those that barely made it through high school. As dissimilar as many Entrepreneurs might be in background, education and culture, there are a few synergies that we have seen in our own people, as well as our clients, that we find fascinating:

  1. Challenge the Status Quo

Entrepreneurs do not accept the path of least resistance. They question, disrupt and always seek scale. Flat sales, lack of growth and status quo – these are all things Entrepreneurs fight daily.

  1. Follow Through

Entrepreneurs are warriors. Getting a beat down, making mistakes, and being told “no” are standard, and will happen many, many times in the life and career of an Entrepreneur. Further, having great ideas will be a regular occurrence. Entrepreneurs follow through, never accept failure, and see ideas through to fruition.

  1. Driven by Money, not Wealth

Entrepreneurs will all agree with the notion that if you go into business for yourself to become wealthy, you are sure to fail. Wealth should be the by-product of success, but the business itself is used to replace a nine to five, which of course pays the bills, sends your kids to school, and pays for a comfortable living so that you can be happy in both life and business.

There are many, many more traits that we see in ourselves and our clients that consistently match our DNA, but these 3 things are absolutely necessary for success. And once successful, inevitably, the thought arises that it might be time to think about exiting the business and doing something new – start something fresh. That’s the mark of a serial entrepreneur – somebody that can’t just do one thing their whole life – somebody that learns from her successes and failures and builds the next great thing. Then repeat.

While Entrepreneurs are amazing at growing exceptional companies, our team is amazing at selling those companies. Our team understands the Entrepreneurial DNA – we consult, advise and facilitate the sale of companies in a way that few others can. We focus on digital companies, and we have built digital companies ourselves. We only sell digital companies – as that is what we know best.

Having other Entrepreneurs in the Digital Space assist in the sale of a website property, technology company or digital advertising firm puts business owners in a position to be successful in their exit planning strategy. We don’t just sell a website, as Website Brokers and Tech M&A specialists, we go way beyond. We market the business, seek buyers, negotiate the sale, locate funding, manage the closing, and help facilitate a mutually-agreeable transition of power.

Again, it takes an Entrepreneur to properly represent an Entrepreneur – don’t settle for a local real estate agent or some accounting firm or brokerage that focuses on convenience stores, restaurants and brick and mortar locations. Don’t settle for those that have never owned their own successful, digital company. Go with those that have the knowledge, the background and the experience to sell your company at top dollar – go with