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Best Website Broker to Sell My Business

Posted by Vance Baker in Articles

At, we pride ourselves on matching our clients’ needs with results.  In our opinion, the best Internet Brokers in the marketplace today are the ones that are closing businesses on a regular basis.  Just listing a business for sale is a small aspect of selling an online business; the real power in a broker comes from maximizing the sale price, getting creative during the deal making process and broadening the pool of buyers available in a transaction.

The buyer pool is one of our most prized possessions. We have thoroughly vetted and sized up the buyers in our pool, and they are strong. A strong buyer is one that has a comfortable amount of liquid capital available for a transaction, that can bring some element of synergies to a deal, and that will look good in the eyes of Banks and Sellers. The best business brokers, like the agents at Website Closers, are the ones that already have relationships with a large group of lenders, investors and private equity groups, so we know what they like in a Buyer. These relationships help propel transactions that might be harder to sell into companies that are much earlier to get through to the finish line. An experienced broker understands that the key to deal making isn’t in just sending over an asset purchase agreement, it’s understanding all sides to a transaction and creating solutions to issues as they arise during due diligence and the underwriting process. Many brokers simply don’t want to bother with the sometimes tedious issues that arise when attempting to get bank lending, or SBA Financing. Most banks, if they don’t have a comfort level with the broker they are dealing with, might be a more difficult sell on a business deal. Just the lending relationship alone make a business broker worth his weight in gold.

Beyond strong lending relationships, which is critical to the sale of an Internet Company, another extremely important factor that makes up some of the best internet brokers in the marketplace is having a brokerage full of agents that currently operate and/or have operated numerous websites in the past. This is another huge distinguishing factor between most brokers and the deal team at Website Closers. We are business owners ourselves; we operate multiple web properties, including Amazon Seller Central Accounts, so we understand the ins and outs of every business we sell. In fact, we have a business operations division that some buyers have chosen to use to run businesses they’ve acquired through Website Closers. That’s right, they have so much faith in our ability to be successful at eCommerce, that they ask our group to run the company after the acquisition. Just that fact alone proves that our brokers know every operational facet of web operations, and this is critical when attempting to sell a tech company.

Another advantage to using our brokerage to assist in the sale of an eCommerce business is in our ability to look beyond just the sale, and focus more on creating an overall exit strategy that makes sense for the seller, not our brokerage. Just because a seller comes to us and asks us to represent them to the marketplace doesn’t mean we just blindly take the business to market. Our method is different – we get to know the seller and her business and work with her on a strategy that focuses on her goals. Sometimes those goals are time based, and price isn’t as important; other times maximizing the purchase price is key, and the exit strategy might take a number of months to achieve.  Our goal is client care, not just making commission. And it won’t take a potential client long to find out that if they call around to various business brokerages in America, they’ll soon find out that they will say or do anything they can to get the business. What we recommend is that you take a look at our testimonials page, and give some of our past clients a call. Our skills can best be explained by those we have proven ourselves to – and we’re confident that they’ll be happy to take your call. If you need their contact information, please just let us know.

Another important factor in identifying the best website broker is in deal structuring. Wise business brokers understand that oftentimes the desires of a buyer, a seller and a bank (and its policies) might all be different. Brokers worth their weight in gold are the ones that can see issues before they arise and provide solutions upfront. And if an issue slips through, the good business broker can identify opportunities to turn that issue into a non-issue. One experience in CLOSING DEALS is going to put a broker in a position to be successful, and we have closed a lot of deals. That’s why we decided to name our company,

There are many more aspects to identifying the best website broker to sell your Internet Company, so if you have any questions about our processes at, we invite you to call or email us at [email protected] or toll free at (800) 251-1559. We will give you a step-by-step approach to our methods so that you have absolute confidence in our ability to represent you during your exit.