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Buy & Sell Internet Businesses with a Savvy Business Broker

Posted by Madhur Dayal in Articles

Whether you are looking into selling a website, or you want to buy an internet business, the best thing you can do for yourself (and your bank account) is to find a savvy business broker. With so many brokers online to choose from, it’s hard to know whose savvy, and who’s faking it. Websites are sleek, making companies seem reputable, legitimate, and trustworthy. You really have to dig deep to discover which is the best business broker to go with when you’re selling a website, or when you want to buy an internet business.

Do they offer free consultations and website valuations?

Let’s face it, free is free. This is just one element to look for – however, you wouldn’t want a “free” consultation or website valuation from a business broker who doesn’t know the industry. You don’t want to walk away with an inflated valuation, or walk away thinking, “Well, that was a waste of time.” So, what else do you look for?

Does their experience match the age of the internet?

The internet (as we know it) is just over 20 years old. And anyone who knows anything about the internet knows that it is constantly in a state of flux, always changing, the dynamics and key players always changing and morphing it into what it is at the present moment. A company that has been working within the industry for as long as the internet has been around has gained valuable experience, the kind of experience that helps clients see maximum profits at the closing table.

Do they charge a commission before they sell your site?

When business brokers take money up front, they don’t work as hard to get you, the client, what you need. For the best results, and maximum profits, locate a business broker that will frontload all of their energies into selling your site before they even ask for a dime. These sites are called boutique brokerage firms, and only the best, most experienced firms work this way.

At, you’ll find a team of business brokers who have been working within this industry since 1996, they don’t charge any commission until your site has sold, and they encourage anyone interested in selling a website, or those who want to buy an internet business to give them a call for a free consultation and website valuation.